Transgender Ex-banker Chops Off Her Ears & Nose To Become A Dragon Lady

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Picture Transgender Ex-banker Chops Off Her Ears & Nose To Become A Dragon Lady

Eva Timat Medusa, transgender, and ex-banker claim to be the first and only person to have her nose and ears modified to resemble a dragon. Tiamat with her forked tongues, scales (on her body), green eyes and horned forehead calls herself as the ‘Dragon Lady.’

Eva Timat Medusa, 55, a former banker was born as Richard Hernandez in Maricopa County, Arizona, USA.

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Eva Timat Medusa was born as Richard Hernandez in Maricopa County, Arizona. Richard was formerly a white collar employee who worked as a banker at Chase bank for 15 years. A father of a teenaged son, Richard is involved in dual projects of changing himself into a female and transforming into a human-dragon.

Eva Tiamat Medusa has had extensive cosmetic treatments and body modifications as part of her transformation into a ‘human-dragon.’

Tiamat Nose surgery
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The 55-year-old Eva Tiamat Medusa has endured several painful medical and non-medical procedures over the years. The procedures include a tattooed body, full face tattoo, changing the color of her eye, tooth extraction and modifying her nose and ears.

She has also got herself a forked tongue as part of her ‘changing’ process.


Eva Tiamat adopted her name from a dragon video game character. She has had several persona’s in the past. She has finally decided to become the ‘human dragon and has altered her body to fit the persona.’

Tiamat 2015
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Richard now goes by the name of Eva Tiamat Baphomet Medusa or fondly known as Tiamat. It’s a name of a dragon from a video game character. Turning into a dragon lady is not something new for Tiamat, she has undergone several such metamorphosis in the past becoming new persona with every transformations. But she has finally settled on becoming a dragon.

As a precursor to becoming a dragon, Tiamat has had horns embedded on her forehead. Tattoos and scarification that resemble a reptile’s scales.  The whites of her eyes are colored green. giving her reptilian green eyes. Tiamat calls it ‘Medusa green eyes of death.’

Tiamat who had changed her names to suit her persona’s now likes to be known as the Dragon Lady. She perceives herself to be a mythical beast.

Richard Hernandez before his transition, pictured with his ‘Mama’ Amalia C. Valdez in Texas (left) and in fancy dress in 1998 (right).

Richard Hernandez before
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Richard Hernandez aka Eva Tiamat Medusa has a son. Though she considers herself as a woman, she has not undergone full gender change surgery.

Tiamat with son Marcos
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The unmarried Richard Hernandez is a proud father of his son Marcos Hernandez who is a sophomore. Although Richard has transitioned into woman Eva Tiamat, she has not undergone the full sex change operation yet.


Tiamat shares her opinion about her metamorphosis on her Facebook page and on YouTube videos. She regularly interacts with her fans and has maintained an active presence across social platforms.

Tiamat Transformation
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On her facebook page, she proudly states that she is a “transspecies” known as reptoid – is a part reptile and part human. She has a large number of fans and an equal number of detractors but Tiamat takes everything in stride.

On her website, Tiamat explains: ‘I am the Dragon Lady, A pre-op M2F (male to female) transgender in the process of morphing into a human dragon, becoming a reptoid as I shed my human skin and my physical appearance and my life as a whole leaving my humanness behind.

Tiamat Medusa has her own channel on YouTube and also gives regular interviews on Modcast.

On a recent photo of herself, she wrote: ‘I don’t care what people say about me or my views, and if I have to I will defy and stand alone against the world, but never will I make any compromise to my integrity.’

Tiamat has 36B chest but has not undergone gender reassignment surgery. Despite it, she says she is dealing with ‘serious gender dysphoria.

Tiamat as dragon

In her quest to become a woman, Tiamat had altered her chest to 36B endowing herself with the womanly feature but has stopped short of undergoing a complete gender change. Though considered a woman, Tiamat still continues to battle within, about her dual gender identity

Eva Tiamat shared a series of pictures showing her gradual transformation from Richard Hernandez to Eva Tiamat. The series spanning from 1990 to 2016 shows her different persona’s and the changes she underwent with the help of medical surgeries and inking.

 Check out her interview with The Modcast:


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Picture Transgender Ex-banker Chops Off Her Ears & Nose To Become A Dragon Lady
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