20 Odd-looking Creatures That Probably You Have Never Seen Before

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Picture 20 Odd-looking Creatures That Probably You Have Never Seen Before

Mother nature is so diverse that even today new creatures are being discovered every day. Most of these creatures are bizarre enough to open a whole new dimension of evolution. They vary in both features and size ranging from huge whales with tusks to small worms with ribbon like protrusion. While some creatures are extremely beautiful, others are odd-looking beyond reason. In this article, we have presented 20 such odd-looking creatures that you have probably never seen before.

1 Alligator Snapping Turtle

Alligator Snapping Turtle
Image credit: wikia.com

Alligator snapping turtle is one of the heaviest freshwater turtles in the world. It is famous for its immensely powerful jaws which has a bite force of approximately 158 kgf. It has long, spring-like neck, and a thick scaled tail. The distinct alligator-like ridges on its shell inspired the name alligator snapping turtle.  Due to its prehistoric looks, this turtle has earned another nickname: “dinosaur of the turtle world”. It is a master of camouflage and hides itself very well by letting algae grow on its shell. Also, it has a naturally-camouflaged mouth and a worm-like appendage on the tip of its tongue. This appendage is used to lure prey inside its mouth.(1,2)

2 Strap-toothed whale

Strap-toothed whale
Image source: alphynix.tumblr.com

The sharp-toothed whale is a species of beaked whale. This whale species has a unique characteristic: two large tusks that grow up and over the upper jaw. These tusks (or teeth) emerge from the lower jaw and grow upwards. At the upper jaw, they bend at an angle of 45 degrees and these teeth from both sides encircles the upper jaw. Due to this form, sharp-toothed whale can’t open their mouth more than a few inches. These specially shaped teeth appear only in male sharp-tooth whales. Females of this species look the same as other whales, and that’s why they are difficult to spot. Due to restriction in the size of its prey, the sharp-toothed whale feeds mainly on squid. (1,2)

3 Gharial

Image credits: John Fowler & Rachel Barnes

Of all the living species of crocodiles, gharial is the second largest in length. It is a fish-eating crocodile found in the northern Indian subcontinent. It is known for its extremely long and thin jaws. Male gharials develop a bulbous nasal growth at the tip of their snout when they reach sexual maturity. This nasal growth resembles an earthen pot, locally known as “ghara”, and it is the inspiration behind its name. Gharials spend most of the time in the water and only visit land to bask in the sun or to lay eggs in the sandbanks. The population of gharial declined 96 – 98% in the past 70 years due to overhunting. It is now listed under Critically Endangered species on the IUCN Red List.(1,2)


4 Shoebill

Image credit: imgur

The shoebill is a very large stork-like bird with huge a bulbous bill in the shape of a shoe. The bill is straw-colored with erratic grayish markings. The shoebill is quite tall and its height is in the range of 43 to 55 inches. It has an amazing wingspan ranging from 7’7″ to 8’6″. The shoebill hunts its prey in a lurking fashion. It stands still like a statue for a long period and launches a violent strike upon spotting a prey. The shoebill builds a nest with their mate to raise babies. Although they rarely raise more than one chick, they hatch 2-3 chicks. The younger chicks are kept as the backup in case the elder one is weak or dies.(source)

5 Sarcastic Fringehead

Sarcastic Fringehead
Image source: io9.gizmodo.com

The sarcastic fringehead is a very small and slender fish that has a length of 10-12 inches. It is fearless and extremely aggressive, and it charges towards anything that approaches its burrows. This aggressive behavior is the reason behind the word ‘sarcastic’ in their name. The fringehead part is due to the appendages present over their eyes. When two sarcastic fringeheads fights, they wrestle by pressing their mouth against each other. To any spectator, this act looks like kissing.(1, 2)

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Picture 20 Odd-looking Creatures That Probably You Have Never Seen Before
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