Why Is It Better Not To Wash Your Hair!!

Ever suggested some female of not washing their hair for days on end. The average woman living with an affordable lifestyle will be aghast!!
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However one daring woman, Susan Elkin took the chance to go against the ordinary norms. She has not been washing her hair for a year and remarks for having softer silkier and healthy hair after giving her hair a chemical free life.
She says her hair is soft and non-greasy, so it does not get dirty. She rinses it with shower spray every two three days to get off the dust and sweat, Then combs it through, push it into shape and leave it to dry naturally. She is careful to keep her hair brush very clean. This regime has given her softer hair and she says her hair has more volume and looks cleaner and better than ever before. Many relatives have complimented and approved of this fact.

She says she has saved a lot of money on salon visits and shampoo bottles.

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To add to the fallacy of beauty there are fictional and over exaggerated claims made by leading brands, Dove, for example, tells us that its ‘nourishing shampoo’ comes with ‘weightless nutri-oil technology’ – whatever that means coupled with all those meaningless and pointless statistics when they tell us for example, that 86% or 500 users said their hair was better or the same after using the product.
So no harm in trying this for a change give it a go, why don’t you. You need to be slightly strong minded for the first week or two.

Its a thought to ponder about are we getting carried away by the bluff of this commercial world ready to feed us with some new delusion every day? Or can we dare to go against the accepted norms of society?

[SOURCE: The Independant]

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