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15 Interesting Facts About Nikola Tesla that will give you Shock Waves!

6. Nikola Tesla had the ability to visualize in three dimensions.

Nikola Tesla 3d Vision
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Nikola Tesla had a photographic memory. He used to memorize books, images and a stockpile of journals in his head. He also possessed the ability to visualize in three dimensions and used to control the terrible nightmares he experienced as a child. Must say it’s a God’s gift!(source)


7. Nikola Tesla suffered from severe OCD.

A lesser known fact about Nikola Tesla is that he struggled from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). But his passion towards his work was so exemplary that his creative abilities overshadowed his health struggles. Even while struggling with a mental illness like OCD, Tesla used to work with the likes of Edison and Westinghouse. His resolve and brilliance towards his work is an inspiration.(source)


8. Nikola Tesla invented the radio in 1892 and the first remote controlled toy boat in 1898, making it to the Newspaper’s headlines.

Nikola Tesla invented radio
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Thanks to Nikola Tesla, today we can enjoy our favorite music on radio. Yes, he was the man behind the invention of Radio. He came out with the basic radio design in 1892. Then after 6 years in 1898, he invented the first radio controlled robot-boat which was controlled by radio waves. This toy boat was also exhibited in the Electrical Exhibition in the same year. This was the first invention of its kind and it made way to the front page newspapers in America.(source)

9. Tesla proposed the idea of AC current, but was never recognized for his invention. Edison’s proposal of the DC current was more popular those days.

Tesla vs Edison
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In what the historians call as a “War of Currents”, Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison proposed their theories of AC Current and DC Current. Tesla promoted the AC current theory and Thomas backed the DC Current theory. But unfortunately, he was never recognized for his AC Current invention because people chose Edison’s proposal of the DC Current. During those days, Edison was a very renowned scientist and people would rarely negate his views.(source)

10. Tesla predicted the internet. He said – “The household’s daily newspaper will be printed ‘wirelessly’ in the home”.

Nikola Tesla predicted Internet
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In a divine vision of sorts, Nikola Tesla predicted that in the years to come, a global system of wireless communication would reach every household. He was so confident of his prediction that he proposed this scheme to J. P. Morgan. He visioned a world system of wireless communication to pass on telephonic messages, broadcast news, music, stock market, and even share pictures across the world! So this guy really knew the pulse of Internet long before.(source)


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