15 Interesting Facts About Nikola Tesla that will give you Shock Waves!

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11 In 1899, Nikola Tesla transmitted 100 million volts of high-frequency electricity wirelessly and lit up a bank of 200 light bulbs.

Tesla coil
Image source: www.teslasociety.com

In the year 1899, Tesla undertook the famous Pike’s Peak experiment, wherein he transmitted electricity without the use of wires. In its own kind of an experiment, he transmitted 100 million volts of electric power over a distance of 26 miles and lit 200 light bulbs and also ran an electric motor! In this experiment, Tesla claimed that only 5% of the transmitted energy was lost.(source)

12 Nikola Tesla planned to do an experiment on children by lining their schoolrooms walls with a high frequency current. He believed that the electr magnetic waves would charge the room, thereby making them healthier.

Tesla was a brainer. In 1912, he designed “a plan to make dull students bright and smart with the help of electric waves.” Yes, you heard that right. He proposed that “saturating [the schoolroom] with infinitesimal electric waves vibrating at high frequency can stimulate electromagnet”, thereby making it healthy. He shared his idea with William H. Maxwell, the superintendent of New York City schools, who gradually accepted his theory.(source)


13 Nikola Tesla used to feed pigeons and nurse the injured ones back to health.

Teslas Pigeon love
Image source: pigeonpatrol.ca

Along with his other strange habits like having dinner at 8:10 PM sharp and squishing his toes hundred times for each foot every night, Tesla also had a peculiar habit of taking care of pigeons. He used to feed them in the park every day and would bring the injured ones to his room and would caress them to good health. On one occasion, he spent around $2,000 to fix a pigeons’ broken wing and leg!(source)

14 Nikola Tesla was an advocate of sterilising criminal, people with mental problems and believed that by 2100 people who aren’t “desirable parents” shouldn’t be able to breed.

Tesla has some serious thoughts about the future progeny. He proposed eugenics, the science of improving population by controlled breeding. According to Tesla, by the year 2100, there should only be “desirable parents” who are fit to breed their children. He strongly advised to prevent the breeding of the unfit by sterilization and mating instinct guidance.(source)

15 In Silicon Valley, there is a Nikola Tesla’s statue that radiates Free Wi-fi.

Nikola Tesla statue
Image source: spectrum.ieee.org

In 2013, a statue of Nikola Tesla was erected in the Silicon Valley. The statue is equipped with a free wi-fi. It also contains a time capsule that would be open in 2043. That’s just a small token of respect to the man who dreamed of an efficient system of wireless power in the world. The statue was result of a campaign started by a CA based company Northern Imagination.(source)

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Picture 15 Interesting Facts About Nikola Tesla that will give you Shock Waves!
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