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16 Unbelievable Photos That Are Hard To Believe Aren’t Photoshopped.

9. Brutus, this 800lb grizzly bear, likes to eat his meals at the dinner table. 

Brutus, the grizzly bear
Image source:

Belonging to naturalist Casey Anderson who adopted and raised him, Brutus is a 58-stone grizzly bear. The pair is so close that when Anderson got married to actress Missi Pyle, Brutus was the Best Man.


10. The Haus in Schwarz, translating to ‘House in Black’ in German.

The Haus in Schwarz
Image source:

In case you were wondering, the house wasn’t always black: it was painted black to bid farewell to the building, which has since been demolished. Earlier used as a canvas by street artists, the black exterior was put up to symbolise the impending end of this structure.

11. Contrary to what many may believe, this is actually a single photograph.

Art by Bela Borsodi
Image courtesy: Bela Borsodi(taken from)

You probably don’t believe us, but it remains a fact nevertheless: this colorful mosaic, created by photographer Bela Borsodi is, in fact, a single photograph.

12. This is Glass Gem Corn.Yes, corn.

Glass Gem Corn
Image source:

This developed by a Native-American farmer who observed that a cob showed unusual coloring shining through at times. He developed that concept, and voila! We have the Glass Gem Corn!


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