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15 Facts About Mario That You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner

6. Mario’s hat was not a fashion choice. Developers worked it in because they found it difficult to create the movement of Mario’s hair when he jumped.

Mario Hat
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In fact, Mario’s entire look was built to accommodate graphical and design limitations. In addition to the hat, Mario sports a mustache to accentuate his nose and wears dungarees so that his arm movements are more noticeable.



7. Major design hack! In ‘Super Mario Bros.’, the bushes are just green-colored clouds. 

Mario bushes and clouds
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8. If ‘Super Mario Bros.’ played out in real life, Mario would have to run (and swim) 3.4 miles to get to Princess Peach. 

Someone actually calculated this. Aren’t you glad?(source)

9. Remember the Super Mushrooms? The concept of this power-up was based on a real mushroom that makes you feel like you’re growing in size, when consumed. Pass us these magical mushrooms! 

Mario Magical Mushroom
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10. P*rn parodies of the Mario Bros. games, ‘Super Hornio Bros.‘ and ‘Super Hornio Bros. 2′, actually exist. Nintendo owns all rights, of course. 

Parodies of the Mario Bros. games
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