12 Startling Facts About Japan You Should Know Before Visiting

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5 Some Japanese farmers grow square watermelons to make them easier to stack and store.

Japanese square watermelons
Image source: listovative.com

Also home to the most expensive watermelons on earth (Yubari cantaloupes), Japanese farmers also shape many of their watermelons with glass boxes so that they become square – making them easier to stack and store.(source)

6 There are more pets than children in Japan.

There are more pets than children in Japan.
Image source: www.asianoffbeat.com

A recent 2014 survey showed that there approximately 21.3 million registered dogs and cats in Japan which outnumber kids under the age of 15 at 16.5 million. There is actual concern that by 2060 the population will have shrunk by 30% with more than 40% consisting of people over the age of 65.(source)

7 There are Cat Cafes in Japan where people can go to drink coffee and chill out with cats.

cat cafe japan
Image source

Due to Japan’s small land size and large population, many people live in apartments or condos that don’t allow pets. Luckily for them, there are now at least 79 cat cafes across the country where they can go to drink coffee and relax with the friendly felines.(source)

8 People who sleep on the job in Japan aren’t frowned upon because it’s seen as exhaustion from working hard.

sleeping on duty
Image source

Known as “Inemuri”, which means “sleeping while present” is a practice of sleeping on the job. It is considered a way for employees to express how hard they are working since they have little time at home. There are actually unwritten rules on how to perform “Inemuri”, such as sleeping upright to show that you are still socially engaged.(source)

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Picture 12 Startling Facts About Japan You Should Know Before Visiting
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