Extraordinary Facts About Human Body Functions Everyone Should Know!

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Picture Extraordinary Facts About Human Body Functions Everyone Should Know!

The human body really is an amazing thing that people take for granted every single day. Have a look at these facts about human body functions, and discover things about yourself that perhaps you never knew and that’ll make you wish you concentrated more in biology class!

1 The human nose remembers around 50,000 different scents.

Nose remembers 50,000 Different Scents
Image source

While your nose will never be as sensitive as a canine’s, it can still remember around 50,000 different scents. This is why smell plays a very important role in our lives – when it comes to food, memory, associations and more.(source)

2 Those with more body hair may have a higher intelligence.

Those with more body hair may have a higher intelligence.
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In a study of 117 Mensa members (those who have an IQ of at least 140), it was found that the majority had thicker body hair, with those with hair on their chest and backs being the most intelligent.(source)

3 It’s possible for human fingers to detect wrinkles as small as 13 nanometers. 

Human fingers can feel objects as small as 13 nanometers.
Image source

A breakthrough study by Swedish scientists has revealed that people can detect nano scale wrinkles on a smooth surface – as small as 13 nanometers – with their fingers. To put this into perspective, if your finger was the size of the earth, you could feel the difference between cars and houses.(source)

4 If the earth was flat and it was completely dark, the human eye could spot a candle flame up to 48 km’s away (30 miles).

Human eye
Image source

The human eye sees light in the form of photons which are absorbed through our retinas. Using this fact, scientists (in 1941) were able to conduct a study and discovered that either standing atop a mountain or if the earth was flat, in darkness the human eye could see a flickering candle up to 30 miles away.(source)

5 We are bioluminescent!

We are bioluminescent!
Image source

Have you ever wanted to glow in the dark? Technically we do, although the light emitted by our bodies is 1000 times weaker than what our eyes can perceive.(source)

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Picture Extraordinary Facts About Human Body Functions Everyone Should Know!
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