Some Facts about spiders we promise will not creep you out!

by Robert Grimminck9 years ago

6 Some Spiders Show Social Behaviour

While usually thought of as solitary creatures with one spider living on one web, there are spiders that live together in colonies.

Have you ever come across a horde of spiders? Unless you’re in the forests of northwestern South America, there’s a good chance you haven’t. Most spiders are solitary hunters, but there are a few species of spiders that form colonies that have between 500 and 1000 spiders. Then there are Anelosimus eximius colonies that house an amazing 20,000 spiders. Once a nest was found that was 25 feet in length, 6-8 feet wide and 4-5 feet high and possibly housed 50,000 spiders. (source)

7 Deadly Spiders Aren’t a Big Problem in Australia

Since 1979, there haven’t any deaths caused from spider bites in Australia.

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Australia – land of poisonous spiders that will lead to excruciating death…isn’t exactly true. While there are some very dangerous spiders in Australia, since 1979, there have been exactly zero people killed from a spider bite. The reason is mostly because spider bites are pretty rare to begin with. Even then, they aren’t deadly and bites are treatable. (source)

8 Spiders Aren’t As Dangerous as You Think

The fangs on most spiders are too small and too weak to bite humans.

Spiders are not Dangerous
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In the world, there are about 40,000 species of spiders. While that may seem like a lot, the good news is that there are less than a dozen species with fangs that are strong enough and big enough to cause damage to a healthy, human beings. That means, out of all the spiders in the world, only 0.0003% of them are dangerous. (source)


9 Spiders Respond To Music

Apparently spiders love classical music, but are not fans of hip-hop or techno.

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 Researchers at the University of Miami performed a test where they kept spiders housed in cylinders and played music. They played three CDs – Peter Kruder’s Tanto Tempo (a techno album), Outkast’s Bombs Over Baghdad (a hip hop album) and Bach’s Ave Maria (a classical album). They found that the spiders built their webs far away from the speaker when Peter Kruder and Outkast were played. However, when Bach was played the spider actually built it closer to the speaker.

The spiders simply didn’t like the erratic and harsher vibrations from Peter Kruder and Outkast. (source)

10 Last, but not least, spiders enjoy playing with laser dots, check out this video

Just like cats, but with less hairballs

We’ve learned most spiders aren’t dangerous, even then, death from a spider bite is pretty rare. They won’t climb in your mouth while you sleep and you could even use them for entertainment. Perhaps you’ll get one as a pet?

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Picture Some Facts about spiders we promise will not creep you out!
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