9 Stunning Photos Of Celebrity Look-alike babies

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Picture 9 Stunning Photos Of Celebrity Look-alike babies

Babies look alike when born and sometimes it’s hard to set them apart, until they grow into their own individual features. This could be the reason why we’ve on some occasions heard of baby swaps. Some babies however set themselves apart from the rest and get distinctive looks. These specific babies for example, look like celebrities and its funny how they actually look so similar.

1 Elvis Pesley 

Elvis Pesley
Image Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

George Georgeous, from Palmers Green in London, was born with a large mop of hair that formed moments after he was born. This makes him look like Elvis Pesley who made the quaff look famous. Attempts by his mother to brush it flat were futile as the kid has a permanent quiff and natural sideburns on his face. The mother gets stopped regularly on the streets by admirers who always compare him to the king. (source)

2 John Legend 

John Legend
Image Source:

My nephew looks like John Legend lol“, @-rahella posted on Twitter and the internet exploded on seeing the adorable kid. Chrissy Teigen, Legend’s supermodel wife saw the baby too and her reaction was adorable; “Oh my god please stop I have seen the baby that looks like john I HAVE SEEN IT AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.” Legend himself posted his baby photo “for comparison sake“. (source)

3 Jay-Z 

image source: reddit(BasedMath)

Jay Z’s doppelganger is an adorable little boy. The stunning picture was posted on Tumblr with the caption “My friend’s son looks like Jay-Z” and the internet agreed. Surprisingly, some on Reddit wondered if the Illuminati (which the rapper is linked to by some conspiracy theories), had finally discovered the fountain of youth. (source)

4 Tiger woods 

Tiger woods
Image Source: www.atomica.com

It’s crazy, but the kid on the photo with Jay-z’s look-alike, looks like Tiger woods. (source)

5 Mrs Doubtfire

Mrs Doubtfire
Image source: reddit(elpintogrande)

We all grew up watching the classic 90’s film, Mrs. Doubtfire. The late Robin Williams portrayed her wonderfully and also gave her a distinctive look. The picture was uploaded on Imgur with a caption that said “My friend’s baby pictures look like Mrs. Doubtfire” and the resemblance between the two is seriously uncanny.(source)

6 Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin
Image source: reddit(prizman)

Prizman, a Reddit user shared a photo of his son as he enjoyed a blade of glass with the caption: “My baby looks like a thoughtful Vladimir Putin enjoying a cigarette” and we agree.(source)

7 Gandalf 

Image Source: www.imgur.com

This baby does look like Ian McKellen. What do you think? He is a dead ringer, right? (source)

8 Wallace Shawn

Wallace Shawn
Image Source: www.reddit.com

Friends baby looks like Wallace Shawn… Inconceivable!!”

9 Chris Farley 

Chris Farley
Image Source: www.mommyshorts.com

This kid is totally a reincarnation of Chris Farley.

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Picture 9 Stunning Photos Of Celebrity Look-alike babies
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