100 Weird Facts That Sound Too Bizarre to be True

by Shweta Anand1 month ago

There are many intriguing things in the world that sound too unbelievable. Yet, these things often turn out to be true. Are you someone who enjoys reading about such facts? If so, this is certainly the right place for you! So prepare to have your mind blown, because here’s a list of 100 weird facts that sound too bizarre to be true.

Several Farming Workers Die from Grain Entrapment

Grain entrapment

Each year, several agricultural workers die from “grain entrapment,” which happens when someone gets trapped in a grain silo and cannot get out without help. In 2020, the US reported 64 agricultural-space-related incidents, of which 35 were grain entrapments.


In 1943, Temperatures Changed Rapidly in Spearfish, South Dakota

Temperatures Changed Rapidly in Spearfish, South Dakota

On 22 January 1943, the temperature in Spearfish, South Dakota went from -4°F (-20 °C) at 7:32 a.m. to 45°F (7 °C) – a difference of 49°F (27°C) – in just two minutes. A couple hours later, the temperature fell from 54°F (12 °C) back to -4°F (a drop of 58 °F or 32.2 °C) in only 27 minutes.

A Woman Who Married Herself Cheated on Herself

self marriage

A woman who tied the knot with herself in 2015 reported that she cheated on herself with a man who also has married himself.


A Pea-sized Radioactive Capsule Was Lost in Australia

Radioactive Capsule

In 2023, a pea-sized radioactive capsule went missing in Australia while it was being transported along an 870-mile stretch of highway. Exposure to the capsule could cause burns and radiation sickness. After nearly a week-long, challenging search, the tiny capsule was found by the roadside.

Michael Jackson Used to Wear Disguises in Public

Michael Jackson Used to Wear Disguises in Public

Michael Jackson used to wear various disguises in public to remain unrecognized.


The Oldest Known Blood Was Found in a 42,000-year-old Baby Horse

Oldest Known Blood

In Siberia, a well-preserved 42,000-year-old baby horse was found buried in the permafrost. It was in such good condition that scientists were able to extract liquid blood from it. This is believed to be the oldest blood found to date.

Utqiagvik in Alaska Has no Sunrise for about 66 Days

Utqiagvik in Alaska

In the Alaskan town of Utqiagvik (formerly known as “Barrow”), once the Sun sets on 18 November, it will rise again only on 23 January. During this time, the Sun does not rise above the horizon for about 66 days.


The Earth Pulses Every 26 Seconds, but We Don’t Know Why

Earth Pulses Every 26 Seconds
Image credit: Troll (2022 film)/Netflix

The Earth pulses every 26 seconds, but seismologists don’t seem to agree why. Since at least the early 1960s, this mysterious pulse has been documented on multiple continents.

A Poodle Fell From the 13th Floor and Caused Three Deaths

Poodle Fell From the 13th Floor

A poodle once fell from the 13th floor and killed three people: an elderly woman who was walking by, another woman who was likely trying to help and got run over by a bus, and a man who witnessed the deaths and suffered a heart attack.


Who was Brooke Greenberg?

Brooke Greenberg

Brooke Greenberg was a woman with a condition known as “Syndrome X” that prevented her normal aging. Even at age 20, she looked similar to a little child.

This Is the UK’s Largest and Most Complete Ichthyosaur Fossil

Ichthyosaur Fossil

Researchers have described the discovery of a 180-million-year-old and nearly 33-foot-long “sea dragon” fossil in a Midlands reservoir as one of the most significant finds in the history of British paleontology.


What is Anton Syndrome?

Anton syndrome

Anton syndrome is an extremely rare condition in which a person becomes blind but insists that they can see. Such patients employ false visual images, events or memories created by their brains to continue to deny their blindness.

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