100 Weird Facts That Sound Too Bizarre to be True

by Shweta Anand2 years ago

There are many intriguing things in the world that sound too unbelievable. Yet, these things often turn out to be true. Are you someone who enjoys reading about such facts? If so, this is certainly the right place for you! So prepare to have your mind blown, because here’s a list of 100 weird facts that sound too bizarre to be true.

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Firefighters burned house to eradicate massive cockroach infestation in Pana.

massive cockroach infestation in Pana

After discovering an overwhelming cockroach infestation in a house in Pana, Illinois, the city council concluded that the only solution was to burn the house down.


Curiosity killed the clam—world’s oldest animal accidentally by researchers​.

Ming the clam

Researchers accidentally killed Ming the clam, the world’s oldest animal at 507 years, while trying to determine its age.

Ancient oxygen surplus enabled insects to grow significantly larger sizes.

Ancient oxygen surplus enabled insects to grow

300 million years ago, insects like dragonflies and millipedes grew to enormous sizes due to high oxygen levels in Earth’s atmosphere. This allowed dragonflies to reach wingspans of over 2 feet, and millipedes to grow longer than humans. Ancient oxygen-rich air supported their large sizes​.

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