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Amazing Plastic Surgery Makes A Korean Woman So Gorgeous That Surgeon Proposes Her

In South Korea, one in five women admits to having undergone surgery. It’s a country with the most cosmetically enhanced people worldwide. Data taken by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, shows that one in every 77 South Koreans has had plastic surgery done on either their face and/or body.

Amazing Plastic Surgery Makes A Korean Woman So Gorgeous
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Plastic surgery is so common in this country that most of the stigma regarding it has gone away and beauty queens and celebrities discuss it openly. Here, a person’s success or failure is highly determined by facial looks which makes plastic surgery a worthwhile investment. The success of celebrities in Korea who have undergone plastic surgery is a contributing factor to the high rates. In fact, most of the people in need of the surgery carry photos of celebrities for surgeons to duplicate their looks. Another reason Koreans undergo plastic surgery is to achieve a “western look.” This involves undergoing a double eyelid surgery to make eyes look bigger and/or a jaw reconfiguration that makes ones faces small and more sharply defined.

Huyn Jang Jin Before The Surgery
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Before Surgery

This is the story of a Korean woman named Huyn Jang Jin who used to be bullied for looking like a boy.The 33 year old had a tough childhood. She never had a boyfriend and had to endure taunts due to her facial looks. She had a masculine face and most people said she looked like a man. Both her life and love life however changed when the girl with tiny eyes, an oversized face and square jaw underwent surgery.

after surgery
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Her university sponsored the surgery to give her the face she had always dreamed of. Her doctor did an outstanding job and took notice of the great change in a huge way. He thought she was too beautiful and decided to propose to her. The two are currently engaged.


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