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Here Are Some The Most Bizarre Hangover Cures From Around the World

When you need a stronger concoction than the Bloody Mary, these cures from around the globe might be a good thing to try.



Pickled sheep eyeballs are mixed with tomato juice and swallowed to cure hangovers.
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They are so far the bravest and we think they do this to induce vomiting. Pickled sheep eyeballs are mixed with tomato juice and swallowed to cure hangovers. Who wouldn’t vomit after taking such a concoction?


Umeboshi which is dried sour plums
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The Japanese use Umeboshi which is dried sour plums. For those who can’t stand the bitter taste, dip the Umeboshi in green tea and voilà!


drink a glass of brine from sauerkraut or sour pickles.
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To ease a hangover, they drink a glass of brine from sauerkraut or sour pickles.


A dried bull's penis is traditionally used to cure hangovers by the Sicilians
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A dried bull’s penis is traditionally used to cure hangovers by the Sicilians! It sounds though like a concoction meant to cause vomiting and not for stomach settling.


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They have two cures. They either use a slightly alcoholic beverage known as Kvass which is made by soaking dried rye bread with yeast and sugar or a sauna session accompanied by a whipping with birch branches.


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A hangover breakfast in Germany is called katerfrühstück. It consists of marinated herring that is wrapped around pickled cucumber and onions. A beer is included at times.


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In this whisky homeland, “The Highland Fling” does the trick. It’s a traditional mix of corn flour, buttermilk, pepper and salt. Nowadays however, a carbonated orange beverage known as “irn-Bru” revives drinkers after a night of heavy drinking.


 bacon sandwich
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They use a heaping bacon sandwich to cure their hangovers. This is scientifically proven by a Newcastle University study of 2009. They found out that combining bread and bacon could cure a hangover due to the amino acids provided.


Leche de Tigre
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Leftover marinade from ceviche known as the Leche de Tigre is a combination of lemon juice, lime juice, fish scrap, fish stock, ginger and garlic. It eases the throbbing pain one experiences in the head and is also an aphrodisiac.

Romania, Turkey and Mexico

vuelva a la vida
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The three different countries use tripe soup to get rid of hangovers. The Mexicans call the cow stomach concoction Menudo and it’s made with onion and garlic. They also have another one called vuelva a la vida which means “return to life”. The seafood cocktail is mixed with pico de gallo and tomato juice. In turkey it’s referred to as iskembe corbasi and has a lemon base or tangy vinegar. In Romania, its called ciorba de burta, a salty dish made of root vegetables.


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Eggs have for long been used to cure hangovers but the Philippines suffering from a hangover are encouraged to eat balut which is a poached, fertilized duck embryo. That is if they are brave enough to swallow a partially formed duck that still has its beak attached!


buffalo milk
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A clotted cream, spiced rum liqueur, dark rum, and whole cream mixture known as “buffalo milk” does the trick here. It is more alcohol than milk though.


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It’s illegal to trade Rhino horns but the Vietnamese, soak a ground rhino horn in hot water and use it as a hangover remedy. The remedy is also known to cure cancer. These myths lead to the high prices of Rhino horns, which go for as much as $ 300,000.


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