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The Wolf Man: The Tale of a Wolf Among Wolves!!!

Have you ever heard of anyone opting a tiger or bat as a pet?

Yes? Well doesn’t sound that unusual. But have you ever thought of ticking a wolf as a pet? Dumbstrucked.!!! Quite strange.
If this us true can something be more astonishing than this.

Indeed to your utter surprise an alpha male known as Wolspark Warner Freund build a sanctuary exclusively for wolves on over a land measuring around 25 acres in Western Germany which is housing a count of 29 wolves which are in distinct, six packs, being hailed from Europe, the Arctic, Canada, Siberia and Mongolia.

80 years old now, Researcher, Freund, a paratrooper previously, has been raising animals (approximately 70 by now) over a period of four decades. He procured the cub wolves from animal parks or Zoos and nurtured them with his own hands. To comfort them and give them a feel that he belongs to their kind he lives close and behaves almost like in their manner.

Fascinating huh?

Also, take a look at the pictures captured by Lisi Nieser, which are so self explanatory of he chemistry between this super alpha human and, otherwise breathtakingly scary, wolves.

Image source

Image source
Truly a Wolf among wolves!!
[SOURCE: Theatlantic]

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