Eduardo Relero’s Amazing 3D Street Art Gallery.

You might have seen so many people are sharing amazing 3D pavement art on on so many social networking site,But have you ever though who are making these stunning and mind boggling 3D art ? 

Well i must tell you one of world famous artist from argentina of 3D Street Art Eduardo Relerowell If you’re in love with street art, you will definitely fall for Eduardo Relero’s 3d creations.argentinean 3D street artist Eduardo Relero has created worlds of wonder on pavements all over the globe. The 48-year-old began his painting career on the streets of Rome in 1990 and has since gone on to create three-dimensional murals in Germany, France, Spain and America. 

Words are just not enough to describe Eduardo’s incredible street paintings so i will just leave you with the pictures.

Eduardo Relero

Must visit his blog for enjoying more art!


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