Meet the Icon of the Seas, the World’s Biggest Cruise Ship

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Picture Meet the Icon of the Seas, the World’s Biggest Cruise Ship

Sailing the high seas while indulging in every sense of luxury is a dream getaway for many that cruise ships can fulfill. Floating atop the waves in a hotel room with access to every comfort and amenity emphasizes the idea that it’s about the journey rather than the destination. In a bid to attract more people onboard, cruise companies have been upping the ante with every new vessel. However, none have come close to the Icon of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship!

With enough space to house the population of a small city, this seafaring hotel has several features and amenities to keep its passengers busy as they traverse the waves. Let’s take a look at this marvel of nautical engineering and what to expect on board.

The Icon of the Seas is a seafaring vessel unlike any other.

the world's biggest cruise ship
Icon of the Seas is the world’s biggest cruise ship. Image Credit: EQRoy/

This cruise boasts a lot, but subtlety and modesty are not on the list. Owned by Royal Caribbean International, the Icon of the Seas is approximately 1,200 feet (365.76 meters) long and weighs over 248,000 tons!

Icon of the Seas offers 2,805 staterooms
Icon of the Seas offers 2,805 staterooms, accommodating over 5,000 passengers at double occupancy. Image Credit:

With 20 decks, 18 of which are for guests, the Icon of the Seas has 2,805 staterooms and can hold over 5,000 passengers on every voyage!

second sea trials
Icon of the Seas, during its second sea trials in the Finnish archipelago. Image Credit: Jouni Niskakoski/

Lionel Messi, dubbed the “godfather” of the cruise ship, christened it on 23 January. Built in collaboration with Meyer Turku Shipyard in Finland, the vessel cost $2 billion and set off on its maiden voyage on 27 January 2024. The journey, a sold-out, seven-night cruise, took its passengers to the beautiful paradise of the Eastern Caribbean while keeping them busy with an array of activities.


The cruise brings some unique thrills to the high seas.

Close view of Icon of the Seas
Close view of Icon of the Seas. Image Credit: Jouni Niskakoski/

The Icon of the Seas aims to be an unforgettable experience for the entire family. As if journeying over the waves and taking in the views of the ocean weren’t enough, the ship has several amenities to ensure guests are not bored. Across decks 16 and 17, one will find “Category 6,” a 17,000-square-foot water park, the largest of its kind at sea. The “Frightening Bolt,” 46 feet (14 meters) tall, is the tallest drop slide at sea and offers an exhilarating experience for passengers.

biggest water slides
The biggest water slides on the sea can be found on this cruise. Image Credit:

Passengers can also get the adrenaline pumping by taking on the “Crown’s Edge,” an obstacle course and thrill ride that takes them to the very edge of the ship and could leave them dangling over the choppy waters. For those looking to hit the waves, there is the “FlowRider” surf simulator to test their surfing skills.

Kids on Icon of the Seas can have fun at the Playscape in Surfside. Image Credit:

While the former attractions are mainly for adults, parents can keep their younger ones busy at “Surfside.” With attractions such as the “Water’s Edge Pool,” “Carousel,” Playscape,” “Arcade,” “Adventure Ocean,” and much more.


The Icon of the Seas spoils you with lounging options.

Schooner Bar
The nautical-themed Schooner Bar on Icon of the Seas offers pre-dinner drinks and nightcaps with live piano music. Image Credit:

There’s no lack of options for passengers who wish to kick back and enjoy a relaxing cruise. The gigantic cruise liner boasts seven different pools and nine whirlpools across the decks, ensuring it’s never a hassle to take a quick dip.

Swim & Tonic
Swim & Tonic at Chill Island on Icon of the Seas is Royal Caribbean’s first swim-up bar at sea. Image Credit:

The “Hideaway Pool” and “Swim & Tonic” have sweeping sea views from their decks, where passengers can enjoy the beauty of the ocean while sipping their favorite drinks from the bar.

Royal Bay
The Royal Bay Pool on Icon of the Seas‘ Chill Island is the biggest pool. Image Credit:

For a truly unique lounging experience, dip into a martini-glass-like pool at the “Royal Bay.” “Cloud 17,” on the top deck, is the perfect location to work on a tan and listen to foot-tapping music.

Suite Neighborhood
Icon of the Seas boasts Royal Caribbean’s largest Suite Neighborhood with four decks of luxury. Image Credit:

Guests at the “Suite Neighborhood” can take a dip in their private pool and hot tub to take a break from the crowd. For a swim, while vibing to some live Caribbean music, the “Cove Pool” offers a more mellow and chill lounging experience compared to other pools.


Get wowed on the waves with a never-before-seen stage.

AquaDome offers both serene daytime relaxation and lively nighttime entertainment with ocean views. Image Credit:

The Icon of the Seas implements a masterful combination of technology and artistry to create innovations at sea that are firsts in their class. The “AquaDome,” the most immersive experience at sea, is a peaceful place to hang out during the day and enjoy the view of the waterfall. By night, it becomes a hotspot for diners to indulge their taste buds while enjoying the night’s performance on its stage.

Absolute Zero
Laser tag in Absolute Zero, the largest ice-skating arena at sea. Image Credit:

“Absolute Zero,” the largest ice arena at sea, features all-star performances while the digitally mapped backdrop changes to create dynamic storylines on this Arctic arena. The ship promises Broadway-style renditions of classic stories, suitable for adults and kids.


Dance and cheer the night away on the luxurious vessel.

The Overlook Pods
The Overlook in AquaDome on Icon of the Seas raises the bar for nights out and hangouts. Image Credit:

The Icon of the Seas offers a variety of activities for passengers to enjoy as the sun dips below the horizon. “The Overlook,” situated in the “AquaDome,” offers an elevated dining experience in the chic “Pods” that offer easy views of the “AquaTheatre.”

The Music Hall
Music Hall on Icon of the Seas features top cover bands playing a diverse range of music from jazz to rock. Image Credit:

“Dueling Pianos,” “The Music Hall,” “Lou’s Jazz ‘N Blues,” and “The Attic” feature live performances for musical and stand-up artists, adding variety to every night aboard the Icon of the Seas. “Trellis,” “1400,” and “Bubbles” are perfect spots for a drink-and-dine evening with a special someone. Groups can head to the “Point & Feather” speakeasy, “Spotlight Karaoke,” “Casino Royale,” and “Playmaker’s Sports Bar and Arcade” to create memories with friends that last a lifetime.


Savor international delicacies from expert chefs on the Icon of the Seas.

Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar
Icon of the Seas’ Royal Promenade, the ship’s lively center, offers over 15 dining and entertainment options. Image Credit:

Featuring multiple restaurants offering diverse dining experiences, guests are spoiled for choice at every meal. From fresh seafood to continental cuisines, foodies can indulge their taste buds at every meal for a new culinary experience. Enjoy the VIP treatment at the “Celebration Table” in the “AquaDome,” watch your food be prepared to perfection at “Chop’s Grille,” or take a walk on the Italian side at “Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar.”

 Izumi in the Park
Izumi in the Park offers fresh sushi and Japanese street food to go, complementing the first Izumi restaurant in Central Park. Image Credit:

From fresh sushi at “Izumi” to juicy burgers at “Windjammer and Surfside Bites,” there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to food on the Icon of the Seas. “Central Park” and the “Royal Promenade” both have a variety of cafes and takeaway spots to grab some grub on the go, such as “Izumi in the Park,” “Basecamp,” and “Sorrento’s.”

spacious Icon Loft
The spacious Icon Loft on Icon of the Seas offers luxury spanning two floors. Image Credit:

The Icon of the Seas promises a cruise unlike any before, with a variety of activities and offerings that guarantee guests are occupied throughout their time aboard the vessel. It seems Royal Caribbean International has thought of every possible requirement and done its best to create a seafaring voyage that will go down in history.

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Picture Meet the Icon of the Seas, the World’s Biggest Cruise Ship
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