20 Lesser-known Facts About the Jurassic Park Movies

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11 In the first Jurassic Park movie, the infamous line by Lex “It’s a UNIX system! I know this!” is the exact depiction of Silicon Graphics 3D File System Navigator for IRIX which is an OS based on UNIX.

The experimental application was never a fully functioning file manager but it gained some recognition because it was mentioned in Jurassic Park.

In the scene, Lex Murphy, played by Ariana Richards finds the computer and begins restarting the building access control system to find the control room’s doors. (source)

12 Dr. Wu erases a data sheet in the lab in the first Jurassic Park movie. It is highly improper and unethical to erase lab data in scientific settings hinting at Dr. Wu’s corrupt nature that we see in the later films.

Dr. Wu
Dr. Henry Wu. Left(Jurassic Park), right(Jurassic World). Media credit: Universal Pictures

When Dr. Wu is introduced in the first movie, the focus is on his clipboard. He is busy writing and erasing something at the same time.

While recording the data, he makes a mistake that suggests he is hiding something from the park, which is revealed later.

Even if a mistake is made, it needs to be rectified before the researcher continues documenting the process.

The character’s evil nature is shown in the Jurassic World movie although these and other hints are already present in the first Jurassic Park movie. (source)


13 The screenwriter David Koepp has a cameo in the 1997 Jurassic Park movie and is credited as “Unlucky Bastard.”

David Koepp
David Koepp. Media credit: Universal Pictures

The man who’s eaten by the T-Rex because he tried to push on a pull door in the 1997 Jurassic Park, The Lost World is the movie’s screenwriter David Koepp.

The scene where he gets eaten is quite brutal. As T-Rex rampages through downtown San Diego, he grabs and squeals the unlucky bastard or the man who wrote the screenplay. One can hear the sound of his crunching bones. (1, 2)

14 Dennis Nerdy in Jurassic Park is wearing similar outfits to characters in The Goonies. The theory is that the similar clothing by Nerdy is a reference to The Goonies since Kathleen Kennedy was the producer of both the movies.

A Twitter user, Shawn Robare, came up with this theory. He first observed all the outfits worn by Nerdy played by Wayne Knight. After comparing them to ones worn by members in The Goonies, he found remarkable similarities.

It might be a pure coincidence but in case it’s true, it’s just a fun collab and nothing more surreal than that. (source)


15 The ship that carries the T-Rex back to San Diego in The Lost World: Jurassic Park is the same ship that brought King Kong to New York in the movie King Kong.

S.S. Venture
S.S. Venture, left Jurassic Park, right King Kong

The ship that brings the T-Rex to San Diego in the 1997 Jurassic Park movie is called the S.S. Venture. This is a reference to the King Kong movie released in 1933. The beast was brought to New York City by the same ship. This is one of the two references in the Jurassic Park movies to King Kong. (source)

16 The T-Rex in Jurassic World is the same original one from Jurassic Park. We can also see the scars on her neck by the velociraptors’ attack in Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park. Media credit: Universal Pictures
Jurassic World
Jurassic World. Media credit: Universal Pictures

After Jurassic Park ended in 1993, T-Rex had been living on the same island for 22 years until it appeared again in the 2015 movie Jurassic World. During the new movie’s release, the director Colin Trevorrow added that she’s the original in the 2015 movie, but she’s a little older and angrier. (source)


17 The Jeep used to escape in Jurassic World is the same Jeep that brought people in the original movie Jurassic Park.

Jeep used in Jurassic Park
Jeep used in Jurassic Park. Media credit: Universal Pictures
Jeep used in Jurassic World
Jeep used in Jurassic World. Media credit: Universal Pictures

In Jurassic World 2015, Jeep #29 appears at around one hour 12 minutes frame. This vehicle is repaired and driven away from the original visitors center. In Jurassic Park 1993, the Jeep is ridden by Hammond and Genarro. (source)

18 In Jurassic World, the woman in heels, Claire is able to outrun the T-Rex because the dinosaur is following the flare and not trying to catch it.

Claire outrun T-rex
Claire outruns T-rex. Media credit: Universal Pictures

In the initial scenes of the movie, the T-Rex is shown as flare trained. it receives a meal for following the flare. Only because it is flare trained, Claire was able to outrun the T-Rex at the end of the movie.


19 The BBC World News scroll takes a dig at Donald Trump in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. It has a text reading “U.S. President questions ‘the existence of dinosaurs in the first place.’”

BBC World News scroll
BBC World News scroll. Media credit: Universal Pictures

There are subtle references and jokes on Donald Trump in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.
The first context of Trump comes early in the film. This is when the world is debating over whether or not to save an island full of deadly dinosaurs from a second extinction via a volcano.

The second one is a report or a scrolling graphic at the bottom pointing at Trump’s habit of declaring things “Fake News.” This habit of his is shown by including the text “U.S. President questions “the existence of dinosaurs in the first place.” (source)

20 In the left image, we can see a cabinet marked with the “Ingen” logo from the 1997 movie Face/Off. Ingen is also a genetic research company that researches how to clone dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park franchise. The promo photograph on the right is from the upcoming Jurassic World: Dominion releasing in 2022.

Ingen Lab

According to the novel, Ingen is based in Palo Alto, California, and has two branches in Europe.
It is just one of the start-ups in the first movie. In the next sequel, it is bought out by the Masrani Global Cooperation. (source)

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