10 of the Most Convincing Cases of Reincarnation

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6 When she was three in 1990, a girl from Sri Lanka named Purnima remembered living as an incense maker in her past life. She mentioned that she was knocked down by a bus while she was on the way to the market. She remembered everything about the incense maker and his death. The most convincing part was she had a birthmark right where the incense maker’s injury was.

Incense maker (Image to the left), Purnima Ekanayake. Image credit: psi-encyclopedia.spr.ac.uk

Purnima didn’t realize she was reincarnated until she saw a documentary about Kelaniya, where the incense maker lived. 

After this, she remembered every detail of living as Ginidas, the incense maker. She told that the man lived 200 kilometers from her place in Kelaniya, which turned out to be true. She even recalled the kind of incense Ginidas used to make, Ambica and Gita Piccia incense.  

Purnima was born in Sri Lanka and when she met with the man’s family, she instantly recognized all of his relatives. She was born just a few years after the incense maker’s death.

One of the most striking features of the case was that Purnima had a birthmark on the left side of her chest which was exactly the place where the bus drove over Ginidas. (1, 2)


7 It was weird when a five-year-old kid named Luke from Ohio referred to his every toy as “Pam.” His mother, Erica, was set back by her son’s straightforward answer to her question of, “Who was Pam?” He said that it was his own name. He also described his journey to heaven after his death when he met God who pushed him back to Erica as a small baby called “Luke.”

Pamela Robinson, pictured, died in a fire at the age of 30 in 1993 (Image to the left), Luke Ruehlman. Image credit: Fox8 via dailymail.co.uk

Initially, Erica assumed that Pam was just an imaginary friend of Luke’s but was still confused why her son is just obsessed with her.

Luke was very clear about his more than 20-year-old previous life as Pam. When asked by Erica, he told how she had black hair and how she died because of a fire in a tall building in Chicago.

An Internet search revealed what Luke was saying was true. Erica came across news that mentioned how 19 people died in 1993 in a fire at the Paxton Hotel, including a woman named Pam in her 30s.

Erica Ruehlman spread her son’s reincarnation story, and they appeared in a show called Ghost Inside My Child. They tested Luke’s claims by asking him to pick Pam’s picture from a bunch of others, and he succeeded.

Jim Tucker also published a review on this case in 2008. (Source)


8 An Englishman, Arthur Flowerdew, was haunted by visions of a city surrounded by deserts for many years. He saw a city with a temple carved into a cliff and had memories of being a temple guard. He could never make sense of any of this until he finally watched a television documentary on the ancient city of Petra, Jordan.

Arthur Flowerdew
Petra (Image to the left), Arthur Flowerdew. Image credits: Shutterstock, mysteriousuniverse.org

It was weird that Flowerdew had never stepped out of his country except for a single visit to the French coast. He was born in December 1906 and lived his entire life in Norfolk but still had these incomprehensible images of structures of Petra.

He was elderly when he was brought to the site, but before the journey, he was interviewed by an archaeologist working on Petra to test his claims. His description of the ancient city was extremely accurate. He described three prominent places including the one where he was murdered. After reaching the site, he navigated the places perfectly to the archaeologist.

His knowledge of excavated and unexcavated places in the city was too good to be a fraud, according to the archaeologists with Flowerdew.

The gentleman also mentioned that he had never in his life come across any literature regarding the city of Petra. (1, 2)


9 Based on his consistent nightmares about the war and his innate interest and knowledge in planes, James Leininger’s educated parents were convinced that he was a reincarnated pilot. The six-year-old explained how he died in World War II as a pilot in his past life, and even the pilot’s acquaintances agreed on James’ account.

James Leininger
Hero: Fighter pilot James Huston, who died in 1945 after his plane took a direct hit and plunged into the ocean (Image to the left), James Leininger. Image credit: Mirrorpix via dailymail.co.uk

James’ parents, Andrea and Bruce, were both highly educated and would not easily believe in a thing like reincarnation. Nonetheless, over time, they had no choice but to think twice regarding their son’s past life.

He was born in April 1998 and since he was two, James was obsessed with planes and had nightmares about a fiery airplane crash in March 1945. When the nightmares started occurring with alarming frequency, the couple consulted a counselor. Now the dreams came less often, but James became more articulate about his memories.

James described every detail on the Navy fighter pilot and how he was shot by Japanese artillery when he was on a Pacific mission. He remembered everything but the pilot’s name. After thorough research, Bruce concluded that the only pilot resembling James’ words is James Huston.

He sent a letter to the Huston sisters and turns out that they were convinced of the story too. (Source)


10 Dr. Weiss was a psychiatrist who didn’t believe in reincarnation until he met a patient named Catherine in 1980. She explained about her past life in 2,000 BCE and how she died with her baby because of the floods. Also, the doctor was stunned by Catherine’s account of his family details which she could not have known by any means.

Amy Weiss, daughter of past-life regression expert Dr. Brian Weiss and co-author of Miracles Happen. Image credit: Oprah.com

Dr. Weiss was an Ivy League-educated psychiatrist who was skeptical about reincarnation ideas. However, working on her patient named Catherine was a groundbreaker. She was diagnosed with multiple phobias, anxiety, and depression at the same time.

The client started talking about her past life and Weiss’s family while going through hypnotherapy. She was correct about the doctor’s father’s and his son’s death. There was no way she could’ve known about this information. According to Dr. Weiss, even his best friends did not know about these things.

She was also firm on her claims on how she died while carrying her baby when the floods devastated her village. In the following sessions, she detailed more lives and historical facts that she didn’t know in her conscious state.

This experience made Dr. Weiss believe in the afterlife, and he also published the case study after working on it for four years. (1, 2)

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