10 Bizarre True Stories that Became Documentaries

by Shivam Khandelwal3 years ago

6 Beware the Slenderman

Internet mythos claims that the Slenderman is a boogeyman who strives to prey on young children. In the documentary, two 12-year-old girls in Waukesha, Wisconsin were so convinced of the Slenderman’s existence that they believed only sacrificing a classmate’s life would protect their families. The two of them stabbed a classmate 19 times after luring her into the woods, but fortunately, the victim survived.

Image credit: Sky crime

The legends describe the Slenderman as a semi-human monster who is eight feet tall, feeds on small children, and can communicate through telepathy with his human servants called “proxies.”

Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier invited Payton Leutner for birdwatching on 31 May 2014 into nearby woods with all intentions to what they believed to be a necessary sacrifice to the Slenderman. The two crazy girls attacked Leutner and left her to die. Half-dead Leutner somehow managed to crawl to a nearby road and was then taken to a hospital.

When Leutner narrated what had happened, the police arrested the two attackers on the charges of first-degree intentional homicide.

Geyser and Weier were introduced to the whole Slenderman idea on the Internet and decided to be one of his proxies.

Irene Taylor Brodsky directed the documentary, Beware the Slenderman, based on the same story. It features the interviews with the families of the two “proxies.” (1, 2, 3)


7 Dreams of Life

In 2006, Joyce Carol Vincent’s decomposed body was found after three years in her apartment in London. The television and heating were on for all this time in the 38-year-old woman’s apartment. Despite Vincent’s above-average fame, it was weird that none of her friends, family, or colleagues bothered to contact her for three years.

Joyce Carol Vincent
Joyce Vincent. Image credit: YouTube via allthatsinteresting

Vincent’s apartment was located just above a shopping center in north London, and on 25 January 2006, her rotted body was found surrounded by Christmas presents.

The headlines dedicated to Vincent’s case revealed the alarming shortcomings in community spirits in the UK. Vincent’s death account became a global Internet whisper, and people not particularly sympathized with her.

The bizarre news attracted the attention of Carol Morley, the director of the documentary, and so she went on to track down Vincent’s history and background. Morley discovered that Vincent’s parents came from the Caribbean and she was passionate about her profession but kept things to herself.

Even if Morley found contradictory clues that made no sense, she made a fascinating piece of film which was well prepared and delivered. (1, 2)


8 Catfish

Nev Shulman and Megan start dating virtually on Facebook with Nev even meeting Angela, Megan’s mother, and other family members online. Nev drove out to Megan’s family home hoping to surprise her, but tables were turned on him when he discovered that his girlfriend doesn’t exist. It was Angela behind the keyboard the entire time.

Image credit: Rogue Pictures

The catfishing starts with 24-year-old New York photographer Nev coming across an artistic eight-year-old girl Abby from Michigan.

Abby shared her paintings with Nev, and they developed a decent friendship. Megan, Abby’s 19-year-old sibling, enters the scene later, and Nev falls for her immediately.

Nev’s younger brother, Rel, and Henry, a friend of Nev’s, sometimes filmed Nev while he talked to Megan. For them, it was like recording a short film.

When Nev, his brother, and Henry went out to Megan’s home in Ishpeming, Michigan, they found out that Megan was just a fictional character. It was 39-year-old Angela, “Megan”’s mother, behind the scenes. However, Abby was real enough but her art wasn’t.

Angela admitted all this and said she didn’t mind the story of her family going public, and so the two tagalongs, Rel and Henry, made a documentary out of heartbroken Nev’s bizarre online dating tale.

Catfish was released in December 2010. (Source


9 Grey Gardens

Grey Gardens is about Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy’s relatives, Edith Beale and her daughter, better known as “Little Edie.” The documentary takes us into the life of the duo that lived in a haunting, isolated, and decaying family mansion in the Hamptons with wild vermin and cat urine all over the place.

Grey Gardens
Image credit: Portrait Films

Big Edie and Small Edie moved into the 28-room mansion in 1924, spent more than five decades there, and survived by feeding on raccoons.

Lee Radziwill, Big Edith’s niece, and her photographer boyfriend, Peter Beard, found it thrilling to look into Ediths’ life. Lee thought of documenting the mansion’s history in June 1972. Lee along with her two cousins, the Maysles, captured one-hour-long footage of Ediths’ bizarre lifestyle over a couple of weekends.

The clips involve some dark and creepy themes like Edith talking about little Edie performing incest with her Uncle Jack followed by heavy arguments and more of the same scenes.

No one was sure of what to make of the documentations until Maysles tried to organize them and publish it as a documentary, Grey Gardens, in 1975.

The movie found its way to the public and proved to be an unbelievably groundbreaking film. (Source)


10 Married to Eiffel Tower

This one is a self-produced documentary by Erika Eiffel, the tower crane operator who is intimately attracted to, has relationships with, and marries the Eiffel Tower, the Berlin Wall, and more objects. The film shares her story and talks about people with a similar condition, known as “objectum sexuals” who feel sexually attracted to large objects.

Erika Eiffel
Image credit: Blink Films

Clinical sexologists in 2010 claimed that there is no evidence whatsoever to make the case that objectum sexuality is pathological or is in any sense related to some personal sexual trauma. They assert that it’s just a sexual orientation, though is rare.

However, there is not much considerable research and data around the subject to really look at the matter with complete objectivity.

Erika had been in relationships with multiple objects and also celebrated a commitment ceremony with Eiffel Tower. She was disowned by her mother as soon as she admitted her unusual sexual orientation.

When the Eiffel Tower broke Erika’s heart, she turned to the Berlin Wall for comfort, which helped her by cheering her up. She even married it in the 1970s.

Married to Eiffel Tower was released in 2011, documenting all of her relationships and her experiences with her beloved objects. She shares each of the highs and lows that she faced along her journey. (1, 2, 3)

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