10 Dangerous Animals That Are Known to Be Merciless Towards Their Prey

by Janhabi Banerjee3 years ago

6 Epomis Beetle

The epomis beetle larva sucks out the fluid from an amphibian’s body, melts its flesh by secreting enzymes, and then chews it until it’s a pile of bones.

Epomis circumscriptus and Epomis dejeani, the two species of the Middle Eastern Beetles, live on frogs, salamanders, and other amphibians. They are already wired to kill when they are in the larva phase, and when full-grown, they are threats to the amphibian family.

Gil Wizen and Avital Gasith from Tel Aviv University in Israel documented that the epomis larva lures the frogs and pretends to be prey as amphibians feed on small insects, larva, etc. When the amphibian attacks it with its sticky tongue, the epomis larva clutch it and starts sucking the fluid from its body.

Then, it secretes enzymes to melt its flesh. Once it’s finished off, the mandibles’ function starts and the little larva keeps on chewing the frog until only the bones are left. When this larva is full-grown, it jumps on the prey’s back and bites it to paralyze it in order to store it for a feast at its leisure. (source)


7 Chimpanzee

The primarily herbivorous chimpanzee and closest species to humans kill and eat each other during territorial conflicts.  


Chimps have often been reported as aggressive animals, but the fact they could eat one another can seem preposterous. So many even don’t know that they eat meat. But the truth is, chimps do eat meat, and once they go on a killing spree, they are one of the most utterly merciless creatures. On some occasions, chimps even eat one another for domination.

To show their strength in a  newly migrated territory, they will challenge the inhabitants of those areas and declare war against them. Anthropologists and animal researchers have reported on several occasions that even though the primary target is to acquire more land, resources, and mates, the chimpanzees enjoy killing one of their own and eating them piece by piece.

Such savage and brutal practice is rare for even the most ferocious animals of nature. Celebrating the killing of one’s own species and tearing them into shreds is even beyond the limit of mercilessness. These chimps don’t even spare the infants who accidentally come between the combatants. (source)


8 Sydney Funnel-web spider

The tiny little Sydney Funnel-web spiders are the most ruthless and dangerous out of all the spiders. Frogs, small lizards, and other small insects are funnel-web’s prey.

Sydney Funnel-web spider
Sydney Funnel-web spider

The Sydney Funnel-web spiders are the most venomous spider in the world. Although they are very tiny and don’t look nearly as intimidating as a tarantula or black widow, they are the deadliest. Found in Australia, these spiders are undoubtedly one of the most merciless insects.

While hunting it uses the element of surprise to its advantage and ambushes the prey all of a sudden. Within seconds an extremely poisonous venom is injected into the body of the prey making it weak and defenseless. In the aftermath, this black messenger of death drags the body in its haunt and consumes it. Frogs, small lizards, and other small insects are funnel-web’s prey.

This little ruthless insect can kill humans. Such powerful is its venom that all it takes is a single bite to doze off an adult and if antivenom isn’t taken within time, the likely consequence would be death. (source)


9 African wild dogs

African wild dogs are as ferocious as hyenas in open grasslands. 

African wild dogs
African wild dogs

When it comes to African wildlife, the wisest decision is to steer clear of it because chances are they are deadly. Such is the case with African wild dogs. These dogs are fast runners and can run up to 35 miles an hour.

Chasing their prey all around the northern and southern savannas in Sub-Saharan Africa, they are four-legged messengers of death. So great is their hunger that they can finish a full-size animal in no time.

As speed is their main strength, they prefer open grasslands and other similar terrains that don’t pose any obstacles against running. Roaming in packs, all they need is a smell of their food, and the next they do is tear the body apart with small bites and eat it giving the victim a slow agonizing death. (source)


10 Cone snell

A large species of cone shell venom can kill a human within minutes.

cone shell
cone shell

These beautiful shells are one of the most dangerous and venomous species of the sea. Cone shells are notorious for their predatory nature. These ruthless species use a venomous harpoon to hunt down marine animals.

Their venom is so deadly that a larger cone shell can kill a human. Having a better-developed osphradium, the marine species hunts down their prey effectively and kills it mercilessly.

They don’t even need to look at the game. With a slight sensory vibration, the killing machines are on their way. Cone shell venom is made of thousands of different components and is so vicious that any small marine animal is doomed once it gets injected. It effectively immobilizes its victim and kills it painlessly in minutes and sometimes seconds. (source)

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