20 Lesser-Known Facts About “Money Heist”

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11 The building that was shown in Season 1 and 2 of the series is not actually the Royal Mint of Spain.

Image source: Luis García/Wikipedia

In Part 1 and 2 of the series, we see the gang of misfits carry out their first heist at the Royal Mint of Spain. The realistic set design and the amount of detailing can convince anyone that they have shown the actual Royal Mint of Spain. However, shooting inside or outside the mint is strictly prohibited due to security reasons. That is why the creators used the Spanish National Research Council building, the exterior of which bears a striking resemblance to that of the Royal Mint. The rest of the scenes were shot in a studio. (1, 2)

12 The gold vault that we get to see in Season 3 actually exists.

Gold vault
Image source: Vancouver Media, Netflix via giphy

In Part 3, we see the bandits take over the Bank of Spain and attempt to steal the gold that is kept inside a highly secured vault that gets flooded when there is a breach. So, they had to scuba-dive into the water-filled vault to fetch the gold. It is certainly one of the best scenes in the entire season, if not the series, and it is also very accurate. The Bank of Spain in Madrid has a gold vault that fills up with water to trap possible intruders and prevent the bullion from being stolen. However, it is one of the many security measures put in place to secure the vault. (1, 2)

13 The money shower scene in Season 3 was one of the hardest to shoot.

In the very first episode of Part 3, we get to see the awesome money shower scene. It goes like this – on the day of the heist, The Professor has a blimp fly directly above central Madrid, and then when the gondola opens, money rains down on the unsuspecting crowd below. A total of 140 million Euros was poured over the city that day.

The scene is just as grand as it sounds, and filming it proved to be extremely difficult for the creators of the show. That is mainly because the weather turned out to be erratic. While some shots were sunny, others were gloomy. At one point, it rained and the street and fake money got drenched. The crew had to blow-dry the street in order to make the scene work. (1, 2)

14 The show has multiple references to Quentin Tarantino and his 1992 film, Reservoir Dogs.

Reservoir Dogs
Image source: Live America Inc.

Money Heist takes inspiration from different movies related to robberies and heists. The Ocean’s series and Tarantino’s film, Reservoir Dogs, are the most noteworthy. There are many similarities between Reservoir Dogs and Money Heist. For example, in both instances, a group of strangers that use codenames unite to pull off a heist.

In one scene, Nairobi even complains to Berlin and says something along the lines of shooting someone rather than cutting their ear off. Here, she is actually referring to the movie Reservoir Dogs, in which there is a scene where Michael Madsen’s character cuts off a policeman’s ear. In another scene during an altercation with Berlin, Nairobi tells him to calm down as it is not a Tarantino film. (1, 2)


15 The iconic song “Bella Ciao” appears more times than we may have realized.

Bella chao
Image source: Vancouver Media, Netflix via giphy

“Bella Ciao,” an Italian folk song, was recently made famous after it was used many times throughout the show’s four seasons. However, references to the song can be found more times than most of us may have noticed. For example, during the opening credits of Season 3, we can see the words “una mattina mi sono alzato” written above a doorway. If you have listened to the song carefully, you will know that this is actually the opening line of “Bella Ciao.” (1, 2)

16 The tune that The Professor plays on the piano is Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer.”

In Season 1 Episode 12, we see The Professor and Raquel Murillo have their special date. In one scene, The Professor plays a tune on the piano. If you know your music, you might have recognized it to be the 1902 track, “The Entertainer,” by Scott Joplin. The same tune is also the theme music in the 1973 movie The Sting, which is about a duo trying to perform the ultimate con. During this scene, Raquel had no idea about The Professor’s real identity, which is why the music adds a special meaning to the overall scene. (source)

17 The famous Brazilian soccer player, Neymar Jr., has a cameo on the show.

Neymar Jr.
Image source: Vancouver Media, Netflix via giphy

The show’s worldwide popularity meant that even some famous people are its fans. One of them is the Brazilian soccer star, Neymar Jr., who has appeared on the show in Episode 6 and Episode 8 of Season 3. He played the part of a monk named Joao, and even though it was only a cameo, eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice. In the dialog, Joao tells Berlin that he does not like football or parties, which are in real life the two things Neymar is most associated with. (1, 2)


18 Netflix has acquired international streaming rights, and the show has won the Iris Award for Best Screenplay and Emmy Award for the Best Drama Series.

In late 2017, Netflix acquired global streaming rights, which allowed it to make the series available on the platform and bring it in front of a worldwide audience. The show has also won the Iris Award, one of the leading annual awards in Spain, for best screenplay and Audience Award – Best Spanish Series. Also Emmy Award for the Best Drama Series. Actress Úrsula Corberó, who plays Tokyo, also won the Iris Award for best actress. (1, 2)

19 The series has inspired robberies in the real world.

Money heist
Image source: Vancouver Media, Netflix

Some fans have taken their love for the show a little too far, and they have twisted it to perform robberies in real life. Back in 2018, a group of five Turkish robbers broke into a number of stores in Istanbul and stole $132,000 worth of electronic products. When caught, they claimed that they were inspired by the popular Netflix series. In another instance, a jewelry store was robbed in Tamil Nadu, India by people who were wearing masks in true Money Heist fashion. They supposedly even had a mastermind just like The Professor. (1, 2)

20 “Bella Ciao,” used throughout the show’s four seasons, is an old Italian folk song, and it deserves the attention it has gotten since the show aired.

While fans may argue about their favorite character or the best storyline from the series, they all agree on their love for the song, “Bella Ciao.” Used in various episodes throughout the series, “Bella Ciao,” which translates to “Goodbye Beautiful,” is actually an old Italian country folk song from the latter part of the 19th century. Viewers love many things about La Casa De Papel, and certainly, this song is one of them. It would be a total injustice to conclude this article without talking about it. (1, 2)

Bella Ciao!

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