10 Undeniably Cool Things You Would Love to Have

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6 Lego tape that lets you build gravity-defying Lego buildings. 

A New York based design studio, Team Nimuno, from IndieGoGo, created a new product called Nimuno Loop, which is a flexible adhesive tape that lets you build on any surface. Nimuno Loops come in rolls of red, blue, green, and gray plastic strips that you can snip the length you want and stick the adhesive side to the surface you want, refrigerator doors, walls, furniture or any surface.(source)

7 A toilet paper holder that also has two stands for a wine glass and beer can. 

Toilet Paper Holder with Wine and Beer Stands
Image Source: geekologie

Even the toilet is not exempt from “his and hers” disputes. A 3D printing Etsy shop known as SOLIDink3d has designed a 3D printed “His and Hers Toilet Paper Holder for Beverages” so that women can have their wine glasses and men their beer cans while pooping.(source)

8 Homesick Candles with scents specific to different states in the US for those who miss home. 

Homesick Candles
Image Source: homesickcandles

Memories of home and the city we grew up are not just about visuals, but also include other sensory experiences such as sounds and smells. These Homesick Candles try to evoke those nostalgic memories through smells. The Texas candle, for example, has hints of leather, fresh cotton, and sage while Tennessee candle has the scents of magnolia and single malt whiskey. Florida candle has hints of orange, sea mist and driftwood, and New York candle has apple and pumpkin scents.(source)


9 Pop-out outlets for minimalists and homes that need childproofing.

Pop-Out Outlet
Image Source: thisiswhyimbroke

If you are bothered by the number of power outlets on your walls, but can’t escape their necessity, then these pop-out outlets are what you need. Made by Legrand, these outlets can be pushed back into the wall when not necessary and another push will bring them out. With the sockets gone into the wall, all you will be left with is an aesthetically pleasing square that would double as a decorative piece.(source)

10 Footrest/under-the-desk hammock to relax your feet at work.

Footrest/Under the Desk Hammock
Image Source: thisiswhyimbroke

The hammock can be fixed to hang under your desk at different heights depending on the mood you are in and the comfort level you need. You can lower it down if you are in a slacking mood or raise it up if you are in a working mood. The hammock comes with two clamps with which you can secure the hanging ropes to the edges of your table.(source)

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