10 Really Strange And Horrifying Facts You Never Knew

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6 The bobbit worm is a predatory worm that lives in corals, can grow up to 10 feet long, is covered in venomous spikes, and their jaws can chew through coral. Their eggs can be found in coral kept inside fish tanks, and can suddenly start to grow, slicing the fish in half. They are virtually impossible to kill. 


If the coral and fish in your aquarium suddenly start to vanish or looks injured, you should check your tank for bobbit worms. This predatory worm has five antennae, is covered in venomous spines, and usually preys on fish and coral. They come from eggs which can be dormant in coral for years.

In 2016, while cleaning his fish tank, a man found a 1.2-meter long bobbit worm which had been living in the tank for nearly two years prior to being discovered. Another one was discovered in Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay, Cornwall and was 1.1-meters long, and was nicknamed “Barry”.(1, 2)

7 There are lots of shoes on the ocean floor near the Titanic. The reason is that once the ship hit the bottom of the ocean, corpses rained down around the wreckage. Fish and other ocean carnivores ate the bodies, but the tannin in the shoes rendered them impervious to bacteria.

Titanic shoe
Image Source: www.usasabah.com

The Titanic now lies in the far depths of the Atlantic ocean, away from the sunlight and engulfed by an inky blackness. Robert Ballard, the first person to discover the wrecked Titanic, was shocked to see numerous shoes lying around the wreckage. Some of them were in pairs indicating that there used to be bodies in the shoes. Upon observation, Ballard said, “There used to be bodies in those shoes. The body parts were eaten or deteriorated, and the skeletal remains decalcified. The only thing left are the shoes, and the leather is perfectly preserved.”(1,2)

8 When bears attack people, they don’t try to maul them or kill them. Instead, they just start eating.

Bear attack
Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

Just hearing about bear attacks sends chills down our spine. What’s the most unsettling is that once a bear strikes, it knocks its prey to the ground. Then it pins down the prey with its paws and simply proceeds to start feasting on it without even bothering to kill it first. So, while a person is screaming his lungs out, the bear simply concentrates on the part on which it is chewing. Sometimes after having a satisfying meal of a fraction of a human, it will go away and then come back later for the leftovers.(source)


9 Ducks can become cannibals due to boredom. Once affected, their cannibalism can only be stopped by trimming the bill.

Image Source: www.petful.com

Spending hours in the park feeding and watching the beautiful and vibrant colored ducks, one can hardly imagine that cannibalism exists in ducks too. Ducklings as old as four weeks are prone to turn towards cannibalism. The reason behind this vice is related to boredom. Cannibalism among ducks can be aggravated by overcrowding, faulty nutrition, and lack of ventilation.

The only known way to stop it is to remove the rim at the front of the bird’s upper bill. Commercial beak trimming machines are available, but the beak trimming should be performed only by a competent operator to minimize the pain.(source)

10 A number of supposed chocolate allergies are actually roach allergies due to the large number of cockroach parts that (legally) end up in chocolate.

Image Source: 1,2

People allergic to chocolate usually end up blaming the cocoa bean. But in most cases, the real culprit is the cockroach. Cockroaches and chocolates, can’t find a link? Well according to FDA’s guidelines, an average of sixty insect parts per 100 grams is deemed safe for food products. Since cockroaches and their droppings are indigenous to cocoa beans, while preparing chocolates, cockroach parts and droppings definitely get mixed up in it. As per FDA’s guidelines, unless each 100 grams of chocolate contains more than sixty grounded cockroach parts in it, it is considered safe for consumption. Even switching brands won’t save you from the grounded roaches. These ground cockroach parts are usually what affects people with allergies.(1, 2)

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