Terrifying Footage Shows “Possessed” Man In Hospital With Bullet Wound On Face

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Watching horror movies on a big screen in a dark room may seem like an adventurous task and at times the most daring thing to do, but what if the possessed girl from the movie The Exorcist comes alive and starts walking in front of you? The thought alone could scare more than half of the population on Earth. A similar kind of creepy incident occurred in a hospital in Rio de Janerio recently when a man with a gunshot on his face walked in. In this article, the terrifying footage shows the possessed man in hospital with a bullet wound on his face. Keep reading to find out all the details about this incident.

Some frightening footage surfaced recently of an unidentified man with a gaping bullet wound in his face walking up and down a hospital floor in Rio de Janerio. In the video, he seems to be “possessed by the Devil”.

footage shows possessed man
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A man walking into a hospital with a gunshot wound is not an out of the ordinary incident. The staff at Miguel Couto Hospital in Rio de Janerio, Brazil, however, were in for a shock when a man with a gunshot on his face suddenly burst into the hospital. He marched around uncontrollably with blood dripping from the wound on his face and kept uttering unintelligible vocalizations. The video shows that his body is contorted in agony which led people to believe that he was “possessed by the Devil”.

He bent backward with his mouth wide open and filled with blood. His eyes were open wide and appeared to be very dark. He seemed to be trying to explain his injury in a raspy voice.

According to some, the man was under the influence of some kind of drug. but most people that witnessed the incident believed that it was the work of Satan.

Man possessed
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According to Brazilian newspaper Noticianob saying, the man was shot in the cheek and was indeed under the influence of drugs. As you can see in the still shots from the video, his behavior was so weird that people believed it was the work of Satan.

Even hospital staff were so terrified that they were reluctant to approach the patient. In some video clips, you can see that the doctors and nurses attempted to keep a safe distance from this man.

Below the footage shows the “possessed” man walking with the bullet wound on his face and his blood-filled mouth.


According to Russia Today, this footage had been filmed on Monday, February 27, 2017, by the hospital staff of Miguel Couto Hospital in Rio de Janerio Brazil. It is still unknown whether the wounded man was successfully treated in the hospital or not.

In the video, you can hear the voice of a hospital staff in the background saying, “You are not powerful! You are not powerful!” in an attempt to keep the “possessed” man at bay. The man responds, “I am better than you. You are corrupted. I am working with Lucifer.”  (translated from Portuguese)

Was he possessed, or was he just under the influence of drugs?

The answer still remains a mystery.
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Picture Terrifying Footage Shows “Possessed” Man In Hospital With Bullet Wound On Face
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