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18 True Facts That Sound Completely Fake

7. Stainless steel will remove the scent of onions, garlic, and fish from your skin.

Stainless steel
Image credit: Coyau/Wikimedia

Garlic, when added to recipes in a right amount can make a dish taste heavenly. But, those who use raw garlic in the kitchen know the strong odor it produces. Once you have got garlic odor on your hand, it remains there for a long time as the stench is quite strong. Those who use garlic regularly use a very simple trick to remove the odor. The trick is rubbing our hands on the surface of stainless steel.


Using this idea, some companies have started making stainless steel bar in the shape of soap. The reason why stainless steel helps in removing the garlic odor so effectively is because of the high content of suthat garlic. When we cut garlic, these sulfur molecules get transferred into our hands. But, when we touch the surface of stainless steel, the sulfur molecules bind with the steel molecules and get transferred on its surface along with the smell. Voila! no more sulfur, no more smell.(source)

8. Your smartphone has more germs than a toilet seat.

smartphone has more germs than a toilet seat.
Image credits: pixabay

Remember the last time you used your smartphone? The answer is probably going to be seconds ago. Our life has become so much dependent on smartphones that we need it in every phase of our life. Routine swab tests of these smartphones have revealed that the level of germs found on smartphone surpasses that of a toilet seat. Hence, we are basically in a constant contact with an object that is a lot more unhygienic than a toilet seat.

The level of germs on our smartphone increases when we handle it with the same hand with which we have handled food. It also increases when smartphones become our companion in the toilet. Some people do not wash their hands regularly and it affects the germ count on smartphones. To prevent germs from residing on our phones, we must wipe it regularly with antibacterial wipes instead of your shirt sleeve or dry cloth. Also, if you are using a phone while eating then tip it upside down and shake it to remove food crumbs.(source)


9. You exhale most of that fat you’re losing.

Exhale fat
Image credit: Pixabay

Till now you must have thought that the more you sweat, the more fat you will lose. Advertisements of weight loss products claim that the sweat coming out of your body is actually fat which broke down due to physical activities. Even doctors claim that our fat is transformed into heat or energy when we exercise. However, a research team from UNSW Sydney has proved it wrong by revealing what really happens to fat loss from the body. They revealed that we actually breathe out (exhale) our body fat.

Their study has proved that about 10 kg of fat is turned into 8.4 kg of carbon dioxide, which is released from the body in the form of exhaled air, and 1.6 kg of water, which is excreted through urine, tears or sweat. The result published claims that we need to inhale 29 kg of oxygen to break down 10 kg of fat in our body. It will create 28 kg of carbon dioxide and 11 kg of water which can be excreted from the body.(source)

10. In 1919, a flood of molasses killed 21 people in Boston.

Great Boston Molasses Flood
Image Source: Boston Public Library via flickr

On January 15, 1919, in Boston, Massachusetts, US, a large storage tank containing molasses burst and caused a flood of molasses flowing through the streets. It moved at 35 mph and the wave was 8 m at the peak. It led to the death of 21 people and 150 more were injured. This disaster is popularly known as Great Boston Molasses Flood. It is also known as Great Molasses Flood or Boston Molasses Disaster. This Molasses flood was so disastrous that it even swept buildings off their foundations and it was waist deep for several blocks.

It was cleaned up by 300 people using salt water and sand. The molasses flood later entered into folklore and the residents of that area claim that they can still smell molasses on hot summer days.(source)


11. A dolphin once committed suicide after he fell in love with a researcher.

Peter, a bottlenose dolphin, met the research assistant Margaret Howe in 1965. It was a part of NASA experiment for which Howe had to teach Peter to speak through a blowhole. For this experiment, Howe and Peter did everything together such as eating, sleeping, playing, and bathing. Peter was 6 years old at that time and was “sexually coming of age”, so he fell in love with his teacher.

When the experiment ended, Peter was shipped to Miami, away from Howe. In Miami, Peter’s health deteriorated quickly. A few weeks later, Peter committed suicide and his veterinarian stated that the cause of his death is a heartbreak which occurred when Howe left Peter.(source)

12. There is a planet “Gliese 436b”, which is covered in burning ice.

Gliese 436b
Image credits: Aldaron via wikimedia

In 2007 an exoplanet named Gliese 436b was discovered. It orbits the red dwarf Gliese 436 and its size is the same as planet Neptune. The temperature of this planet is 712 K (439 degrees C) which indicates that this planet is very close to its star. This high temperature indicates that water in any form could not exist on its surface. But, this planet breaks all rules by being covered in ice, solid ice. This exotic form of water ice is known as “Ice-x” which covers a rocky core. This ice is unlike any other as it can remain solid even during the super hot temperature of 439 degrees. The immense gravity of this planet compresses the water molecules and turns it into ice. Its extreme gravity also prevents the ice from  turning back into liquid form. (1,2)


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