20 Amazing Futuristic Technologies that will give you glimpse of our Lives In Next 30 Years

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6 Bioluminescent Trees

A group of developers are taking the glow in the dark enzyme found in certain jellyfish and fireflies and creating bioluminescent trees. These trees could possibly light up public streets while being energy-neutral.

Bioluminescent Trees
Image Source: suny.edu

The idea is to use biomimicry to transform normal trees into streetlights to help the passersby see at night. The scientists, in collaboration with a designer, Daan Roosegaarde, are using the DNA of jellyfish, mushrooms and fireflies to help them in their quest. They have already developed smaller versions of the project by developing a plant that glows in the dark. Doing the same for the trees that could light up the streets is their next step.(source)

7 Rollable TVs

LG has developed a prototype for a TV that can be rolled up like a sheet of paper.

Rollable TVs
Image Source: cnn

The TVs use OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology to decrease the thickness of the screen. The OLEDs have organic electroluminescent compounds that light up when electricity is passed through them. Apart from LG, almost all other major TV or electronic display manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony and Mitsubishi are working on making the screens more flexible and portable.(source)


8 Bionic Eye Lens to give you Superhuman Vision

A doctor in Canada is about to begin clinical testing of “Bionic Lenses” that can correct vision to 3 times 20/20 vision with an 8 minute, pain-free surgery.

Bionic Eye Lens
Image Source: collective-evolution

The new lens which, according to Dr Garth Webb, will be available by 2017 strengthen the eye’s natural lens, which are prone to decay and damage with time and disease. During the surgery, a syringe is used to flush the saline solution with the lens into the eye and after 10 seconds the folded lens opens up and moves over the natural lens correcting the sight completely.(source)


9 Clothes-Spray

A Spanish fashion designer invented the world’s first clothes-spray. You can spray it on the body however you want and you can also remove it, wash it and wear it again.

Image Source: designrulz

The spray is made of special fibers that are mixed with polymers to give the fabric elasticity and durability. It was developed by designer Manel Torres and particle engineer Paul Luckham. The technique will allow designers to create unique garments with unique designs.(source)

10 Portraits Derive from DNA: this will give a whole new dimension to criminal investigation

A PhD student, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, creates 3D print portraits from the DNA found cigarette butts and chewing gum on the street.

Portraits Derive from DNA
Image Source: smithsonianmag

From each piece of evidence she collects she samples the DNA is extracted. For the sequencing specific genomic regions are focused. The sequences are then entered into a computer program, which constructs a model of the face of the person to whom the sample belongs to. The process they’ve used typically gives them a 25-year-old version of the person. They have even gone as far as having the model 3D printed as life size portrait.(source)

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Picture 20 Amazing Futuristic Technologies that will give you glimpse of our Lives In Next 30 Years
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