15 R-Rated Facts About History That They Don’t Teach at School

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6 During the Second Sino-Japanese War the Japanese officers conducted a “contest to kill 100 people” as part of the Nanking Massacre. When they exceeded their target they increased it to 150 killings.
Beheadings Carried Out by Japanese
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons, nankingmassacres.weebly.com

During the massacre over 300, 000 Chinese civilians and disarmed combatants were killed and more than 20, 000 women were raped. There were also other brutal accounts of war crimes committed including looting, arson and killing prisoners by the Imperial Japanese Army. In one instance, the officers rounded up and tied the hands of all prisoners together after which they started shooting. An estimated 57, 500 Chinese prisoners were killed that day.(source)


7 Catherine the Great had a salon built and furnished with highly detailed erotic furniture. The detail includes huge penises for table legs, penises and vaginas carved and embellished with gold leaf, and walls decorated with erotic art and artifacts from Pompeii.

Catherine the Great - R-Rated Facts
Image Source: flashbak.com

Catherine the Great was the longest reigning queen of Russia who founded many cities and expanded the country through conquest and diplomacy. She favored Russian traditions over religion stripping churches and monasteries of land to pay for wars. During her time she quelled many rebellions during her time, modernized cities and successfully ruled for 34 years. Needless to say her personal life was just as eventful as her regal life. She had a taste for good looking young men and is known to have as many as 22 lovers during her life. She often elevated her favorites to higher ranks and showered them with such lavish gifts as estates and feudal servants.(1, 2)

8 Napoleon Bonaparte’s penis was sold for $3,000 at a Paris auction.

Napoleon Bonaparte - R-Rated Facts
Image Source: Wikipedia Commons

There were many theories about the death of Napoleon. At the time of his death, his doctor reported that Napoleon died of stomach cancer as his father died of one too. In 1955, it was thought to be arsenic poisoning according to the description provided in his valet’s diaries as was proved in tests done on his hair. In 2008 it was again confirmed that it was in fact peptic ulcer that killed him. However, during his autopsy his doctor cut off the  penis which gained an interesting amount of provenance. It was acquired and passed down by a priest’s family, then bought by a book dealer, then the Museum of French Art and until it was finally sold in an auction.(source)


9 During the Iron Age in a remote part of Ulster, a tribe ritually and symbolically marries a man to a white mare. To become a king the man then must copulate with the mare after which it is dismembered and cooked.

Irish Ceremony Recorded by Geraldus Cambrensis
Image Sources: thecultureconcept, michaelfaletra.weebly.com

Geraldus Cambrensis recorded an Irish ceremony in which the king is elected through a ritual and horse sacrifice. The Celts back then believed the sovereignty belonged to the Great Mare Goddess, which might be related to this ritual wedding. The copulation is to be witnessed by all the tribe members who eat with the king after the ritual. The kingship is conferred when he eats from the bath directly with his mouth instead of using a cup or hand.(source)

10 During the Civil War, General Joseph Hooker had brought in so many prostitutes to follow his division that they were called “General Hooker’s Army” or “Hooker’s Legion”.

Joseph Hooker During American Civil War
Image Sources: qz.com, abrahamlincolnonline

Joseph Hooker was a US Army officer who served during the American Civil War. He was appointed by Abraham Lincoln to lead the Army of Potomac even though was quoted by the New York Times as saying that dictatorship was the only way to see any success. While he was at Murder Bay district there was a popular story that the word “hooker” came from his last name though it was seen in print before that time. This was probably owing to the fact that he orchestrated many parties and had a lax attitude towards military discipline at his headquarters. Though the word was not in reference to him it certain became a popular usage after that.(source)

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