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15 R-Rated Facts About History That They Don’t Teach at School

11. US President Warren Harding wrote over a thousand pages of erotic correspondence to his mistress, Carrie Fulton Phillips, for a period of 15 years.

Warren Harding and Carrie Phillips
Image Sources: Wikimedia Commons, dailymail

When the letters Harding wrote were to be published by a historian, his family sued and later claimed copyrights over them. The letters were later donated to the Library of Congress and were sealed until 2014. From the letters it was known that Carrie Phillips was the love of his life. After the affair ended when Phillips threatened to go public with the letters and demanded money to keep quiet. She was also known to be sympathetic towards Germany during WWI and tried to convince Harding of her views. Harding continued to see her even after the affair ended.(source)


12. Erwin Schrödinger, the famous quantum physicist, had a oth with his wife and the wife of his Austrian colleague.

Erwin Schrodinger in Polyamory
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Erwin Schrödinger was an Austrian Nobel prize winner famous for his work in quantum theory, Schrödinger’s wave equation and the Schrödinger’s cat paradox. He married Annemarie Bertel in 1920 and was said to have a very unorthodox personal life. He started having an affair with the wife of his colleague, Hilde March, with whom he had a daughter. When he went to live in Ireland, he got visas for both his wife and his mistress, and lived with them both in Dublin.(source)

13. To prevent the royal baby from being switched with an imposter, the royal women and monarchs of old had to give birth in front of witnesses.

Marie Antoinette with Her Children
Image Sources: milenazetadotcom,

When it came to monarchs it was of utmost importance that their children be legitimate and of royal blood. One such noted incident was when Marie Antoinette had to give birth to her first child in a completely crowded bed chamber. The shock and pain of having so many people watching was too much for her. After that she never agreed to do that in public again.(source)


14. Christopher Columbus committed many atrocities including cutting ears and nose as part of punishments for minor crimes or disregarding his rule.

Christopher Columbus's Tyranical Rule
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

According to the documents presented by historians, Columbus once congratulated his brother for protecting the honor of his family by parading a native woman naked and later cutting off her tongue. In order to quell a rebellion by the native population he ordered to killing and dismembering many of them. He later had the bodies paraded through the village as a warning to anyone who wanted to rebel against him. He faced many accusations and criticism about his tyrannical rule in the colonies. The king and queen of Spain whom he asked for help replaced him with another governor who was also charged with investigating the accusations against him.(source)

15. As part of a spiritual chastity experiment Gandhi slept naked along with his great-niece to test his ability to abstain from sexual relations.

Gandhi's Chastity Experiment
Image Source: youthkiawaaz

Gandhi was an advocate of chastity and had very strong beliefs regarding what one does with ones body. He believed that to realize the truth of God he must reduce himself to the basics of life and gain the utmost control over his senses. This led him to experiment with diets and promote vegetarianism. He followed a complete diet of fruit and nuts but had to discontinue on his doctor’s insistence. As part of controlling his senses he also conducted experiments by having young women and girls sleep together with him. After facing much criticism from his family, friends and relations he discontinued the experiments.(source)


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