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20 Less-known Facts Related to 9/11 Attacks That are Pretty Sad and Shocking!

6. The pilot episode of the Lone Gunmen was about a conspiracy of the US government to hijack an airline and fly it into the World Trade Center to start a profit making war. It aired March 4, 2001.

Pilot (The Lone Gunmen)
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A spin-off of The X-Files, the show was about investigating corporate crimes and conspiracies by some of the characters. Even with good reviews the show was canceled because of low ratings. The pilot was aired on March 4, 2001, months before the actual 9/11 incident. The difference being, in the episode the arms manufacturer conspires by creating a fake terrorist and thus pushing the US to war to increase their weapon sale.(source)


7. Ahmad Shah Massoud, an Afghan political and military leader, warned of the imminent large-scale attacks on the US in his speech while addressing the European Parliament in Brussels in April 2001. He was assassinated in a suicide attack on September 9, 2001.

Ahmad Shah Massoud
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Massoud was a favorite among many western governments. His efforts to bring democracy in Afghanistan and fight the Taliban’s raise to power were monumental. He was awarded “Hero of Afghan Nation” posthumously by President Hamid Karzai and September 9, the day he was assassinated, was declared a national holiday called “Massoud Day”.(source)


8. 9/11 wasn’t the first attack on World Trade Center. On February 26, 1993 the North Tower was bombed, killing six and injuring thousands, but failed to have the intended effect.

1993 Attack on the World Trade Center
Image Source: dailymail

A group of terrorists detonated a truck bomb below the North Tower with the purpose of sending it crashing into the South Tower killing tens of thousands of people. If the truck had been parked near the concrete foundations of the North Tower their plan would have succeeded. The group mailed their demands to various newspaper agencies saying that the attacks would continue if the US doesn’t stop aiding Israel and interfering with the affairs of the Middle East.(source)


9. Michael Jackson could have been a 9/11 victim. He had a meeting at WTC on that fateful day, but couldn’t attend.

Michael Jackson Almost was a Victim of 9/11
Image Source: bemynextsong

Michael Jackson was a long-time sufferer of pain and sleep deprivation because of the burns he received while filming Pepsi commercial in 1984. According to his brother, Jermaine Jackson, he was with his mother the night before and didn’t sleep until four in the morning. After that he “just slept”, luckily missing the meetings he had to attend that day.(source)

10. A month before 9/11, President George W. Bush was handed a memo titled: “Bin Laden Determined To Strike in US” saying it would be by hijacking planes, possibly targeting NYC.

George W. Bush Received Memo
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons, gctelegram

According to the memo, Bin Laden wanted to attack the US since 1997 and wanted his followers to find inspiration from the previous attack in 1993 by Ramzi Yousef. Instead of fighting in Afghanistan he wanted to bring the fight to America just the way Yousef did. The memo also states that he prepares for the attacks years in advance and that millennium plotting in Canada was his first serious attempt at a terrorist strike on the US.(source)


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