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Google Street View Throws Up Shocking & Bizarre Pictures of Humans Without Head Or Limbs, Animals With Two Legs!

Shocking Google street view pictures

The Google street view is an ideal way of checking out a place or a country without moving out of your comfortable couch. It takes you on a tour of historic monuments or exotic countries, all without shelling out a penny. You can check out a neighborhood before you choose to move in but sometimes if you zoom in close, Street view offers you strange and unforgettable visuals.

Google Street View was launched in the US in 2007 and was merged into Google Earth within a year.Indoor views of businesses were added in 2010 and views from the past, in 2014.

google limbs
Image Source: Keelayjams

The cameras used contain no mechanical parts, with CMOS sensors and an electronic rolling shutter used instead. It is speculated that rapid movement of the camera in panoramic mode causes the resulting distortion in the images.

The disturbing images were captured by Google’s Street View that used a 360-degree camera to take vivid sweeping images.

Image Source: Keelayjams

Although the weird sights are available to everyone who has access to the Google Maps, some of these sights were collected and shared by York-based artist Kyle Matthew F Williams, who goes by the handle Keelayjams on Twitter.


The precise reason for the disfigurement of the images has not been found definitively, but there is a speculative theory claiming that the faster moving camera may not have caught enough frames to provide a normal picture.

Image Source: Google Maps

The iPhone users have encountered the same problems when they have moved their picture too rapidly when clicking a picture in panorama mode.

disturbing image
Image Source: Keelayjams
street view
Image Source: Keelayjams

Another conjecture states that multiple exposures may have inadvertently stitched together several varied images into an (incomplete) unit.

dog with two heads
Image Source: MrCurramba

This is not the first time that the Google Maps has shared such warped images. Various collections of these strange pictures have been spotted and shared in Google Street View including a baby crawling alone outside a Gucci store, a dead body in the center of the crime scene and a tiger strolling in a car park etc.


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