15 Bizarre Facts That Will Change The Way You See The World!

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6 There exists a poisonous plant that leaves the victims with a smile on their face after dying

Joker used a gas to send people into death with a smile, and ancient Phoenician colonists on Sardinia, an island near Italy, used a potion based on plants to put a grin on their victims’ faces. The plant is known as Hemlock water-dropwort. Most of the plants that are bad for people are usually bitter or have some other way of repelling, but hemlock is a sweet plant.

Due to the fact that it relaxes the muscles, it might even be used in cosmetics in future, as it could make a great botox.(source)

7 An Australian woman separated from her spouse, giving the advantage to a pet crocodile over their marriage. The lady raised the crocodile ever since he was small, treating it as her own son and letting it sleep in bed with her.

Croc lady Vicki Lowing
Image source: dailymail.co.uk

What would you do if your wife was having a pet crocodile, and lets it sleep with your son in the same bed? Vicki Lowing’s husband told her to give up the crocodile, but she decided to give him up instead.

Johnie, an almost two metre long crocodile, had been left on the doorstep of the Lowing’s, and was taken in by Vicki. Not long had passed before she started giving him much more attention than to her husband Greg.

‘Greg can look after himself, but Johnie can’t prepare his own meals’, Vicki stated.

This brought tension in the house, especially when Greg felt neglected, and finally led to their divorce in 2005. When Greg asked her to give up Johnie for the sake of their marriage, Vicki categorically rejected.(source)

8 Not only mosquitoes drink our blood, they also urinate on us.

Image credits: pixabay

Once mosquitoes feed on our blood, they need to urinate, or else they can get fluid overload that might kill them. This fact also affects their flight performance, because until they urinate, it’s hard for them to take off since they are too heavy, giving their host more time to swat them.

The key thing here is that protein in their urine might be what we need to stop dengue fever and other diseases that mosquitoes take credit for spreading. So, this might not be such a bad thing!(source)


9 One gypsy tribe in India does it all completely different. They make a feast each time someone dies, and treat birth as a sad event.

Image credits: Arian Zwegers via flickr

Gypsy families from the Satiyaa community live in provisional shelters by the roads or other vacant spaces. Most of them are illiterate, and they are known for males being addicted to liquor, and females giving themselves up to prostitution.

The main thing that separates these 24 families from the rest of the world is the fact that they believe that death is the happiest event in one’s life, while birth is an event to be extremely sad about. Dancing groups and drums are organized to see the body off for the cremation, and the feast with a lot of liquor and dancing is also arranged.(source)

10 Think your wife is rough on you? Think again! After Praying Mantis’ finish mating, the female bites the head off its male companion and eats it


Once Praying Mantis’ decide to indulge in a mating process, it signals the end of the male Mantis in that relationship.

Sad news for all the male Praying Mantis’ out there! If you are planning on mating with a female companion, better don’t! Once the two insects get to it, a female Mantis starts devouring the male one by biting its head off, and eating it completely. Perhaps women are not that bad after all, huh, guys?(source)

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