An ‘800 years old’ Artifact resembles to “modern day cell phone” found in Austria.

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Picture An ‘800 years old’ Artifact resembles to “modern day cell phone” found in Austria.

Archaeologists have found what looks like an ‘800 years old cell phone’.

A group of archaeologists have found that, approximately 800 years ago, time travel had been attempted.  Time travel in ancient history?  This was definitely not a subject back in history class!  But wait, that is not all!  While digging analysts found something valuable that our forbears left behind: a 800 years old cell phone.  Archaeologists have unearthed what looks like a modern-day mobile!

800 years old cell phone
Image source:

Yes. You read that correctly! An 800 years old cell phone.  Austrian experts are creating quite the buzz. Could it be that the cell phone has been around a lot longer?  This is certainly an interesting concept to ponder.  However, the most astonishing thing is the writing found on the key pad: Cuneiform!

The cuneiform alphabet
The cuneiform alphabet. Image source:

What is Cuneiform?  Cuneiform was a system of writing developed by ancient Sumerians. It was used approximately 3500 BC-3000 BC.  This system of wedge-shaped characters was used predominately in Ancient Mesopotamia, Persia, and Ugarit.


YouTube channel ‘Paranormal Crucibles’ responded by stating, “Cuneiform tablets aren’t unusual – an estimated two million have been excavated.  The language was a mystery until the 19th century when its code was deciphered.” 

On the other hand, what is a Cuneiform tablet doing all the way in Austria?

800 year-old phone resembles to Noika phone
800 year-old phone resembles to modern day phones.(taken from)

Critics believe this artifact is the clay copy of a mobile phone.  Many believe the recent find is unquestionable evidence of an early advanced society.  This may also be proof that time travelers brought cellphones back in time.

Online source says, “Obviously we cannot avoid and consider the possibility that this artifact is a hoax.  Finding something like this is more than sensational and points to the possibility that its creator could have seen a similar device in the distant past.  What does this mean?  Well, it means that it is possible that in the distant past, someone saw something that resembled a communication device like a mobile phone and decided to recreate the device in stone.”

And if you are not intrigued enough, check out the following video. This clip is from the Charlie Chaplin movie The Circus, released in 1928. Can you spot anything strange?

Mobile Phone Spotted In 1928 Film

This recent find certainly does raise skeptical comments. However, while many deem this new find as an elaborate hoax, could it be that we are missing the greater picture?  Are we filtering media information and ignoring a crucial message from our ancient predecessors?

In the words of singer Adelle, “Hello from the other side”!

Important Update: We recently found out that the above post turned out to be a hoax. The tablet you see here was actually created by Karin and Karl Weingärtner, of the Art Replik Studio, in January 2012. This was not left by our ancestors, nor is it a sign of extraterrestrial intelligence. The tablet is simply the creation of German sculptors who specialize in ancient art replica.

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Picture An ‘800 years old’ Artifact resembles to “modern day cell phone” found in Austria.
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