10 Most Terrifying Creatures That Once Lived On The Earth

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Picture 10 Most Terrifying Creatures That Once Lived On The Earth

The animal kingdom has always surprised us with some pretty formidable creatures but these extinct animals are something out of our worst nightmares. They were larger and more vicious than the scary animals we know today and it might be hard to believe that they actually existed. We might not have the chance to see them today but we should know them, just in case they ever return.

1 Carbonemys

Image courtesy: Gloucester

The name Carbonemys means “carbon turtle”. It was a carnivorous the size of a Volkswagen. Its head was bigger than a football and its beak razor sharp which made it easy to slice through other animals with ease.(source)

2 Arthropleura

Image Source: www.paleoworld.ucoz.ru

It’s perhaps one of the well known nopes in history. The Arthropleura was a giant millipede that was the size of a car. It could be found mostly in carboniferous forests but was mostly vegetarian and fed on rotting matter.(source)

3 Brontoscorpio

Image Source: www.walkingwith.wikia.com

Scorpions have existed in different forms for over 400 million years and were the true definition of badass because they could grow large. Like really LARGE. Massive would be a better word for it. The Brontoscorpio had a lightbulb size stinger and was a meter long. It was a sea scorpion but with gills and was one of the first animals to crawl out of the sea!(source)

4 Jaekelopterus

Image Source: www.imgur.com

The Jaekelopterus makes the Brontoscorpio look like a small puppy. It was the size of a crocodile and with an appetite to match. The Jaekelopterus ravaged sea scorpions, ammonites, ancient fish…. Basically, anything in its wake was on the menu. It was in fact one of the largest scorpions in history.(source)

5 Anomalocaris

Image Source: www.walkingwith.wikia.com

Anomalocaris means “abnormal shrimp”, which is rather creepy. It’s the smallest on this list but don’t be fooled- it grew to the size of an arm! It was also the largest of the anomalocarids species.(source)

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Picture 10 Most Terrifying Creatures That Once Lived On The Earth
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