Revolutionizing Architecture: Hotel Built In Just 15 Days In China.

China has shown yet another example of its booming economy and a step ahead towards modernization. At 30 stories tall and 183,000-square feet hotel has been built by Broad Group, a Chinese construction company in Hunan Province in just 360 hours. Yes, you read it right; this extraordinary building has been built in mere 15 days.

Chinese hotel
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And the bigger surprise that comes our way is that the quality of this building has not been compromised over time. The building is earthquake resistant up to magnitude of 9. Its sustainable architecture design has 4-paned insulated windows and a smart heat conservation system. The Broad Group has claimed energy efficiency five times that of conventional hotels and in addition to it, the air filters make the hotel’s air 20 times the purity of conventional hotels.

The workers worked around the clock to complete this lavish building. But, this building could not have been completed in 15 days had the materials not been fabricated. The Broad Group’s previous spectacular construction of the 15-story Ark Hotel  took a mere 46.5 hours to build, half the time this hotel’s construction took. The company surely aims to revolutionize large scale architecture and with the means China provides, it is the favorite destination.
[SOURCE: Time Newsfeed]


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