On 15th feb, an asteroid half the length of a football field is going to fly right by Earth.

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Picture On 15th feb, an asteroid half the length of a football field is going to fly right by Earth.
A DAY WILL COME SOON ENOUGH ALL THAT EVER LIVED ON EARTH WILL SOON HAVE THEIR EYES TO THE HEAVENS A day after Valentine’s Day, all eyes will be on the sky. An enormous asteroid with size equal to three Olympic sized swimming pools will pass by Earth on Feb. 15 2013, it is speculated that the asteroid will not to smash in to Earth but will pass-by extremely close, which could set a record for an asteroid of this size. This asteroid can take out many of the satellites and the junk and debris that float around in earth’s gravitational force. Even if one satellite is hit it will initiate a chain reaction of destruction of various satellites soon after.

NASA has been keeping track of asteroid 2012 DA14, and the asteroid is projected to pass close enough.Although it is calculated that there is no threat to humanity’s survival, the asteroid flyby will provide an inimitable opportunity to observe such a rare phenomenon.

  That it will pass inside the ring of geosynchronous weather and communications satellites,” reported NASA. NASA has already formulated the trajectory of the asteroid using its Cutting-edge technology, which can be seen in the Trajectory Video.

An artist’s conception of the Feb. 15 flyby of asteroid 2012 DA14. 

The asteroid will pass between Earth and the moon’s orbit, flying even lower than the rings of geosynchronous satellites in Earth’s orbit. The asteroid will be as close as 17,200 miles from Earth. The asteroid will receive such close proximity only after 30 years.

The asteroid is about 150 feet in diameter and will be at its closest point near Earth around 2:24 p.m. EST Feb.15. The asteroid will hover around for roughly 33 hours around Earth and the moon, weighs 130,000 metric i.e. 12 times the weight of Eiffel tower tons and will be traveling at 28083 kilometers per hour. This ground-breaking phenomenon will closely watched by the space agencies all around the world.NASA said:

“The 2013 flyby is by far the closest the asteroid will approach our planet for many decades,The next notable close approach to Earth will be on Feb. 16, 2046, when the asteroid will pass no closer than 620,000 miles from the center-point of Earth.”

This graphic shows 2012 DA14’s path past Earth.CREDIT: NASA
Asteroid 2012 DA14 will give scientists their first chance to study the close flyby of a near-Earth object of size this big. Making the 2012 DA14 an exclusive opportunity for scientists to study the space rocks moving around the solar system, but that don’t mean observations will be easy, said Lindley Johnson NASA scientist. Goldstone radar of NASA Placed in the Mojave Desert is programmed to ping 2012 DA14 practically every day from Feb. 16th to 20th.

[source: live science,nasa]

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Picture On 15th feb, an asteroid half the length of a football field is going to fly right by Earth.
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