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We have a very simple hiring process which does not require you to submit any kind of resume.  Here, we check your writing skills directly on the basis of a topic which is given below, on which you need to write a list of five points. We are not asking you to write a long list which may consume more time. Five points are optimum to test your research and writing abilities.

So, here is the topic: “10 Simple Photographs with Mind-Blowing Backstories Part 2”

Note: They should be “Simple photos with unexpected backstories” and do not copy the list from any website, we will be crosschecking everything and your selection will be based upon the uniqueness of your listicle. It should be a 100% unique list and don’t forget to mention the source of each story. Also, you need to make a list with the same format as we have been doing for all of our lists. For example, refer to the link below:

Title>> then 50-60 words introduction of the list>>then fact no. 1>> then the explanation of fact>> then fact no. 2 and so on…

You can check part 1 below:

10 Simple Photographs with Mind-Blowing Backstories

Note: Do not take any story from the above link, it’s there just to show you the format of a list.

When you are done, send us your article at [email protected] We will read it and let you know our response via e-mail.

Make sure you give your best because many other writers are working on the same topic and only the best three will be selected.

Good Luck!!