10 Futuristic Concepts that may Be Possible in the Future

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6 The medical field is currently researching the future of organ transplantation through the field of regenerative medicine by growing organs from scratch. Scientists have so far achieved generating collections of tissues that have properties similar to organs and are working towards making fully functional organs from patients’ stem cells. 
Regenerative medicine
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By being successful in replicating organs through regenerative medicine, humans can now save more lives as there is a shortage of organ donors. In transplantation, there are times when the transplant does not get accepted in the new body. This issue can be resolved if the organ is made out of the patient’s own stem cells. 

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have successfully created a working thymus that plays an important part in the rejection of transplanted organs in a new body. The main application of this most outstanding of all futuristic concepts is in the organ transplantation field as the organs are in very high demand. This technique can bring down the number of people who require this procedure to be done on them. It can also help in restoring the function of the damaging organ if this field is progressing rapidly. (1, 2)


7 Nuclear fusion has for the longest time been thought of as the energy of the future and an infinite source of power. But ways to achieve the temperature setting and economic feasibility of the process are still underway. If successful, by 2060, 1% of the world’s energy demand can be covered. 

Nuclear fusion
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The fossil fuels left on Earth can only be relied on for a few more years, and the human race is reaching a point where we require a new alternative for energy. A carbon-free form of new energy source is required to maintain the needs of the growing population. 

A fusion reactor amplifies power and produces more energy needed for plasma for energy production. Nobody has achieved this successfully yet. The closest was in 1997 when around 16 megawatts of power was generated with the process of magnetic fusion, but it took 23 megawatts to create it. This futuristic concept is not yet economically attractive. Many expect a fusion reaction to successfully take place in the next 20 years. (1, 2)


8 Space mining for meeting fossil fuel demands has been talked about in recent years to help with the resource depletion on earth. The water ice from Jupiter can be harvested in-situ for utilization of materials required for thermal management, propellant, radiation shielding, and can lead to a huge reduction in costs.

Space mining
16 Psyche. Image credit: Shutterstock

As the Earth is facing a major depletion in fossil fuels due to overexploitation, the idea of mining asteroids using space resources like solar satellites and space habitats is highly researched currently. In order for humans to sustain economically and sustainably, this practice should be brought in years to come.

Hypothetically, water made from ice can be harvested in an asteroid to power up the mining equipment. Even though the ideas are decades away from forming, it is a growing emergency. It can lead to many signs of progress such as human expansion into the solar system and infrastructure development. (Source)


9 Effects of alterations on DNA so that part of genes do not get expressed is called “epigenetics.” It is external DNA modifications that are reversible but change the structure of DNA. It is a chemical cap for preventing the genes from expressing certain traits. The discovery of epigenetics is still in process and they are trying to find new uses of the technology.

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Any process to change genes without altering the DNA sequence is included in the study. Scientists are researching a futuristic concept called “epigenetics” which can help very much in the process of mental health studies, aging, and cancer. This study can help fight diseases from the gene level generations ago so that the cells can be completely wiped out. Experiments on animals show that changes in DNA due to external factors affected the next four generations. 

Scientists are investigating drugs that work with the epigenetic mechanisms that will help shut off diseases in the early stages. The methylation process can help with these processes but studies also suggest there are chances the patients will suffer from severe anemia, nausea, vomiting, and fever. Even though it will happen eventually, scientists are finding it hard to create such a drug that will not cause unintended side effects. (1, 2)


10 The shockwave that is created by detonating a nuclear warhead at the back of your starship is studied to help nuclear pulse propulsion. The technology has been banned in the U.S. as a part of the partial test ban treaty.

Project Orion
Project Orion. Image credit: Henry Holt and Company via daviddarling.info, Adrian Mann via daviddarling.info

A study was conducted in the 1950s to 1960s to use an atomic bomb at the back of your starship for propelling the ship using the technique of nuclear pulse propulsion. Russian explosives experts put forward the idea in 1881 which led to real-life propulsion systems in 1946. 

Project Orion was one of the several projects focusing on this technique. Pulse rocket propulsion is a very promising application of the theory. Such pulse-propelling rockets are planned to be used on interplanetary missions. Analysis has taken place to use this technology to go to Alpha Centauri and back. But such repeated blasting can cause serious side effects, and scientists are still working to find theoretical solutions. (Source)

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