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20 Less-known Facts About Nazi Germany

16. Nazis destroyed Germany’s largest institute focusing on human sexuality by burning their extensive library and research as it was deemed “Un-German”. This institution studied Gay and Transsexual issues and advocated the rights of those people.

Institute of Sex Research
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The Institut für Sexualwissenschaft, Institute of Sex Research was a non-profit foundation set up in Berlin, Germany in 1919, and it was headed by Magnus Hirschfeld. It was a sexology research institute advocating sex education, treatment of STDs, contraception, and women emancipation. The institute also worked for civil rights and social acceptance of homosexual and transgender people.

When the Nazi Party came to power in 1933, it outlawed sex publication and banned organized gay groups. This was because the Nazi Party considered transgender and homosexuals as un-German. In March 1933, Kurt Hiller, the institute’s main administrator was sent to a concentration camp. Later on, in May 1933, the institute was attacked and its archives were looted. Around 20,000 books and journals and 5,000 photos were burnt and destroyed in the streets.(source)

17. Nazi Germany had their very own nazi-themed board games for propaganda.

Nazi games
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In Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler promoted his propaganda to all its citizen through various means. One of such ways, suggested by his Propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, was Nazi board games. The main intention of these board games and toys was to spread military, political, and racial propaganda among German children and youth. Some of the board games used in Nazi Germany are Juden Raus! (Jews Out!), Bomber uber England (Bombers over England), and Jagd auf Kohlenklau (Hunting for the Coal Thief).(source)

18. Hugo Boss designed and manufactured uniforms for the Nazi Party.

hugo boss nazi connection
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The German luxury fashion house Hugo Boss was founded in 1924 by Hugo Boss in Metzingen. A few years after its foundation, it went bankrupt. It was revived again in 1931 when Hugo Boss made an agreement with the creditors. The same year Hugo Boss became a member of the Nazi Party and focused its attention on preparing uniforms. It became a supplier for uniforms for Nazi Party both before and during World War II. When the founder, Hugo Boss, died in 1948, the brand shifted its focus from uniforms to man’s suit.(source)


19. During World War II, Frederick Mayer, a German Jew who was an OSS agent for the US, infiltrated into the enemy lines and acquired info on Hitler’s bunker. During this Operation Greenup, he was captured and tortured. However, he convinced the German army in Innsbruck to surrender, saving thousands of Allied lives. This Operation Greenup was later turned into a TV movie named “The Real Inglorious Bastards”.

frederick mayer "inglorious bastards"
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Friedrich Mayer was born into a Jewish family in Baden, Germany in 1921. When Nazis came into power their antisemitism policy forced Mayer’s family to emigrate to the United States. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, Mayer enlisted in the United States Army. His knowledge of several European languages made him an ideal candidate for OSS.

On February 26, 1945, Mayer along with two other men flew secretly into Germany under Operation Greenup. There he posed as a German Army Officer and even stayed in the officer’s barracks. During this operation, he was caught by Gestapo. However, he tricked the German troops to surrender to America. Later, the Operation Greenup and bravery of Fredrick Mayer was turned into a TV movie named “The Real Inglorious Bastards”.(source)

20. The first programmable computer was invented in Nazi Germany.

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World’s first programmable electromechanical computer was designed by Konrad Zuse in Berlin. It was completed in 1941 and was used to perform statistical analyses of wing flutter. Originally, it was called V3. But Germany already had weapons called V-weapons. Therefore, the name of the computer was changed to Z3 to avoid confusion.

The original Z3 was destroyed in 1943 during Allied bombardment over Berlin. It was later replaced by a fully functioning replica in 1960 which is now on permanent display at Deutsches Museum in Munich.(source)

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