15 Hauntingly Beautiful Yet Abandoned Places In The World

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6 The Tunnel of love, Ukraine

Tunnel of Love Ukraine
Image source: reddit

Ukraine’s gorgeously green Tunnel of Love is located near the town of Kleven. It’s intended purpose was to provide passage for a private train that carried wood to a factory, but, in recent years, it has become a place of love and promises. Lovers from all over the world walk through the Tunnel of Love and make a wish. On the condition that their love is true and sincere, it is believed that those wishes will come true.(source)

7 El Hotel del Salto, Colombia

El Hotel del Salto, Colombia
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Welcome to the Haunted Hotel at Tequendama Falls. While visiting Colombia, tourists often head for the Tequendama Falls, about 30 kms from the capital, Bogota. Situated by the falls is another one of Colombia’s historic landmarks – El Hotel del Salto. The hotel was constructed in 1928 for wealthy visitors coming to Colombia. It remained in operation for the next 60 years, but as the Bogota river became more and more polluted, tourism declined and the hotel finally closed down in the early ’90s.

What makes things really spooky is that the hotel has been the scene of quite a few suicides. The legend goes that indigenous Muisca Indians jumped from the Tequendama Falls to avoid capture by the Spanish conquerors. Upon falling, they believed, that they would transform into eagles and fly away to their freedom. Inspired by this story, many of Colombia’s broken-hearted and distressed jumped from the hotel’s cliffs, overlooking the falls.(source)

Not surprisingly, the hotel is believed to be haunted.

8 Lawndale Theater, Chicago

Lawndale Theater in Chicago
Image source: www.chicagomag.com

The Lawndale Theater has had a rather colourful past. It opened on October 19, 1927 for a virgin showing of ‘A Girl From Rio’. The theater catered to different tastes, playing a variety of British silent films, vaudeville performances, hosting boxing nights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and ‘Chorus Girl Contests’ on Fridays. It was later bought by Frank ‘The Enforcer’ Nitti, a cohort of Al Capone, thus transferring the ownership of Lawndale Theater to the hands of the mob. During World War II, the theater’s ownership changed many times, till it reopened as the Rena Theatre in 1949.

The story goes that in 1961, a gang leader was shot on the main staircase. The theater closed down, reopened as a church for 40 years and today stands completely abandoned.(source)


9 House of the Bulgarian Communist Party

House of the Bulgarian Communist Party
Image credits: Dimitar Kilkoff

The House of the Bulgarian Communist Party is an unusually shaped, spaceship-like structure perched atop Mount Buzludzha in Central Bulgaria. Built in another era, the once glorious building has lain in a state of complete neglect for more than 20 years now. Thieves and vandals have robbed the building and stripped the roof panelling completely, leaving it at the mercy of the elements. Many in Bulgaria believe that the restoration of buildings like this one could bring in revenue from tourism, however the government does not have have the money to restore (approximately £12million), or pull down the building.(source)

10 Sunken yacht, Antarctica

Sunken yacht in Antarctica
Image credit: ruschili.35photo.ru

While the Brazilian yacht, Mar Sem Fim (“Endless Sea” in English) was rescued from the freezing waters of Maxwell Bay of Ardley Cover in Antarctica in 2013, images of the previously shipwrecked and sunken vessel are terrifying, yet breathtaking. The boat belonged to Brazilian journalist and entrepreneur, João Lara Mesquita and was manned by four crews who were filming a documentary off the Antarctic coast, when it capsized on April 7, 2012.

While all aboard the yacht were safely rescued, Mar Sem Fim could not be salvaged. The boat lay in 30 feet of water, visible from above, frozen to an untimely death.(source)

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