16 War Tactics And Facts that Demonstrate How Cunning You Have To Be To Win a War

by Tony Hayes9 years ago

6 The Nazis invented a chocolate bar bomb during WW2. It was made of steel with a thin covering of real chocolate and was detonated when a piece of “chocolate” at the end was broken off after a delay of 7 seconds.
Chocolate bomb
Image source: blog.nationalarchives.gov.uk

Some war crimes haven’t been given a name, and tricking people with chocolate is about is evil as it gets! A chocolate bomb was actually sent to Winston Churchill, clad in black and gold wrapping, but was luckily discovered in time.(source)

7 In an attempt to take advantage of England’s weaken state during the Black Plague, Scotland invaded England but ended up contracting it and bringing it back to Scotland.

Black Plague
Image source: creepypasta.wikia.com

The black plague swept across England in 1348-49, and had a devastating effect on the population. In an attempt to take advantage, Scotland raided Durham in 1349 although after catching the plague themselves, brought it back to Scotland, and wiped out more than half the population.(source)

8 A Chinese general who only had 100 troops with which to defend a town against an army of 150,000 told his men to hide, opened the gates and sat on the walls playing a lute. Fearing a trap, the opposing general ordered a retreat.

Chuko Liang
Image source: www.threekingdomsart.com

9 The Nazis developed an experimental drug cocktail which allowed equipment-laden test subjects to march 88.5 km (55 miles) without resting.

D-IX Nazi's experimental drug
Image source: medium.com

The drug was called D-IX and was a cocaine based experimental drug developed in 1944 for military application. Each tablet contained 5 mg of oxycodone, 5 mg of cocaine and 3 mg of methamphetamine.(source)

10 The US Air Force researched a non-lethal bomb in 1994 called the “Gay Bomb” that would contain strong pheromones and make enemy forces attracted to each other.

gay bomb
Image source: www.queerty.com

The bomb was proposed in a 3 page report by the Wright Laboratory in Ohio, and actually won an Ig Nobel Prize in 2007.(source)

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Picture 16 War Tactics And Facts that Demonstrate How Cunning You Have To Be To Win a War
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