15 Colossal Facts About Whales And Dolphins That’ll Leave You Bamboozled!

by Tony Hayes9 years ago

6 A narwhal’s tusk or “horn” is actually an erupted tooth with special abilities.
Narwhal group
Image source: www.worldwildlife.org

A narwhals tusk is almost like an inside out tooth and has the ability to sense water pressure, temperature and salinity. Some say it may even be able to detect barometric pressure when it’s above the surface. Only males have them.(source)

7 A blue whale’s mouth cavity is so vast and stretchy that it can engulf a volume of water equivalent to its own body mass.

blue whale
Image source: news.bbc.co.uk

8 Whale vomit is actually highly valuable and is used in the production of perfume.

Ken Wilman
Image source: www.mirror.co.uk

A man by the name of Ken Wilman was walking on the beach with his dog, when his dog became interested at what looked like a large stone. He knew it was unusual and after researching a little about it, returned to the beach to pick it up. The “stone” was ambergris, a substance produced in the digestive system of sperm whales, and is prized by perfurmw companies. Ken described the smell as “musky” which became nicer the more you smelled it. Ken was offered £43,000 for the 3kg piece by a French dealer.(source)

9 A blue whale is larger than a basketball court. 

Size of blue whale
Image source

A blue whale is well known to be the largest animal on earth, but is also the largest animal to have ever existed. (source)

10 There is a single white humpback whale by the name of Migaloo.

Humpback whale Migaloo.
Image courtesy: Jenny Dean(taken from)

Migaloo is known as the only white humpback whale on Earth, and has been declared a “special interest whale” by the Australian Queensland state. Anyone who comes to within 500 meters of Migaloo risks a £8,000 fine which also includes aircraft.(source)

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Picture 15 Colossal Facts About Whales And Dolphins That’ll Leave You Bamboozled!
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