10 Weird Things that Happened at Funerals

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6 Around 3,000 mourners were gathered on the streets at former Peruvian Mayor Moises Garcia’s funeral. His coffin was accidentally dropped inside the grave and his body fell out. The attendees screamed in horror as they saw how one end of the coffin tumbled into the hole while lowering it.

Former Peruvian Mayor Moises Garcia
Former Peruvian Mayor Moises Garcia (on the left). Image credit: CEN/ munitarma.gob.pe via dailymail.co.uk

Former Mayor Garcia died from a heart attack on 4 November 2019. He was at the capital of Lima when he suddenly had chest pain. He was immediately taken to the hospital, but he eventually died.

In the mayor’s honor, the local authorities held a two-day mourning period for him. His funeral was set up in the province of Tarma in the central region of Peru called Junin. People in the thousands gathered to pay their respects to the deceased mayor. The mood was extremely emotional during the sendoff until the accident happen.

When the bungling funeral staff were lowering the coffin into the grave with ropes, the two staff at the far end lost their grip under the coffin’s weight. Consequentially, the coffin fell into the grave and the body fell out. It was very humiliating when the attendees screamed just after the incident.

The proceedings of the funeral continued even after the embarrassing moment. (Source)


7 Mohammad Furqan, a 20-year-old Indian, woke up just before he was about to be burned alive during his funeral ceremony. He was unconscious for days after he had an accident. Coincidently, just when his family told the doctors that they didn’t have more money to pay, he was declared dead.

Hand out of white cloth
Image is used for representational purposes only. Image credit: Shutterstock

Furqan met with an accident on 21 June 2019 and was unconscious for a couple of weeks. When his family ran out of money, he was declared dead by the doctors of the northern city of Lucknow.

Following the declaration, a funeral ceremony was set up. However, just before the mourners were about to set him on fire, Furqan showed some movements in his limbs. The incident left the people gathered for the mourning in shock, and Furqan’s family was in complete trauma.

With no further delay, he was immediately taken to the hospital where doctors claimed he was still alive and was put on ventilator support. It was reported that he was in a critical condition but not dead. In fact, his pulse, blood pressure, and reflexes were working.

The family had paid $10,000 to the private hospital earlier, still, the corrupt doctors had declared him dead. The city’s chief medical officer took the responsibility of making sure an investigation was carried out on the country’s medical practices. (Source)


8 In 2015, 25-year-old Julie Mott’s body was stolen before her memorial service. Her memorial service was supposed to take place on 15 August, the day she would have turned 26. Even after many efforts and investigations, her body was never recovered, and the identity of the thief is also a mystery.

Julie Mott
Julie Mott (on the left). Image credit: news.com.au

Mott died on 8 August 2015, and complications from cystic fibrosis were reported as the cause of her death. Her body was handed over to the Mission Park North Memorial with an agreement of paying $7,500 as the fee for her burial.

The lady’s casket was moved to the hallway and was ready to be taken away for the cremation. The building was then closed and locked for the day at the regular 4:30 p.m. time, and the alarm systems were also activated.

The body of Julie Mott was discovered missing the following morning with her casket empty and damaged. Police were unable to find any signs of forced entry, and the alarm system also hadn’t triggered.

A reward of $20,000 was offered for any information leading to the arrest of the culprit, and multiple search parties were also dispatched.

The only suspect was Mott’s ex-boyfriend. He was said to be obsessed with her, and on the day of the delivery of the body, he suspiciously stayed in the chapel for an additional 10 to 15 minutes. (Source)


9 In Florida, an 18-year-old teenager’s mother was shot at her son’s funeral who had earlier been shot by police. Quasheda Pierce, the deceased’s mother, was believed to have been shot accidentally by a 16-year-old teenager attending the funeral services.

Quasheda Pierce
Quasheda Pierce (second from left). Image credit: Tim Shortt/floridatoday.com

Sincere Pierce was shot by the cops on 13 November 2020 in Cocoa, Florida. Angelo Crooms, a 16-year-old, also was wounded when Pierce was killed. The shooting of the two teenagers by Deputy Jafet Miranda caught national attention.

The last respects for Pierce at his funeral turned out to be a chaotic affair. The guests at the funeral were placing flowers on the teenager’s casket at the Riverview Memorial Gardens when the gunshot was heard.

Quasheda was wounded in one of her legs. Family and friends gathered around her for support, and she was taken to a hospital in a minivan right away.

The 50 attendees were a little slow to react, but all except very close friends fled the cemetery when they realized the noise they heard was a gunshot. At first, a 16-year-old attendee at the funeral was suspected of accidentally firing the shot. However, some of the mourners stated that the bullet came from behind a nearby tree line.

No further information ever turned up on why and who did the shooting at the funeral. (Source)


10 No less than 15 people were shot during a funeral in Chicago in July 2020. A vehicle arrived at the scene with an unknown number of people and open fire on the crowd gathered for the memorial service.

Rhodes Funeral Services- funerals that went wrong
Rhodes Funeral Services. Image credit: Jason Armond/ latimes.com

The shootout took place at the funeral of a man who was killed in an earlier drive-by shooting in Englewood, Illinois. It was reported that the criminals arrived in a stolen vehicle and open fire on the people.

One of the witnesses mentioned that just when the attendees were stepping out of the funeral home, the gunshots rang out and bullets came down like they were raining on them. The massacre injured 10 women and five men aged between 21 and 65. The severity of their injuries was reported to be from serious to critical. After the mayhem was over, a total of 60 shell casings were discovered at the scene.

Police mentioned that they believe that the violence was gang-related. According to the Chicago mayor, Lori Lightfoot, the shooters allegedly took advantage of the service to seek revenge. Only one person was questioned and investigated by the police regarding the entire case. (Source)

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