10 Actor Injuries You Actually See in the Movie

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6 Halle Berry in Gothika

Halle Berry in the movie Gothika was injured when Robert Downey Jr. had to restrain her in a scene. Her arm was twisted and broken. Downey stopped immediately when he heard the pop. The movie production was stopped for eight weeks. 

Halle Berry in Gothika 
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During the shooting of a struggle, Robert Downey Jr. in the psychological thriller Gothika restrained an actress a little more vigorously than he should have. He twisted her arm and broke it. It was just a freak accident, and they are good friends.

The shooting was halted for several weeks so that she could rejoin then after recovery from the actress’s injuries. The movie was released in 2003. Robert Downey Jr. apologized and even admitted his mistake to the media. (Source)


7 Margaret Hamilton in Wizard of Oz

Margaret Hamilton during the shooting of the Wizard of Oz suffered from second-degree burns on her face and hand as a pyrotechnic effect malfunctioned during the shoot. She went back to the set after six weeks and had to put makeup on her hands to cover the exposed nerves. 

The actress was badly burned in the shooting of the movie. She got second-degree burns on her face. She also got third-degree burns on her hands.

It was caused due to delay in opening a trap door. She had to disappear into it, and flames were supposed to be there instead of her. She got caught in between and escaped with minor injuries. The actress’s injuries made her demand to not work with pyrotechnics anymore.  

Not just her, but her stunt double also suffered a permanent leg scarring because of a smoking pipe that was propped as a witch’s broomstick.

She said that she understands all this is part of the business and she wouldn’t sue them. Apart from these, some paint used for the makeup and costume also created problems in the set. (Source) 


8 Channing Tatum in Foxcatcher

During the filming of Foxcatcher, Channing Tatum survived multiple injuries. In a scene where Mark Ruffalo, his brother in the movie, had to slap him and Tatum says he couldn’t hear anything for a while and felt like his eardrum had popped. In one more scene, the character loses his cool and slams his head into the mirror. He was so caught up in the moment, the glass broke, but he still continued the scene with a cut on his head. 

Channing Tatum
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The actors Mark Ruffalo and Channing Tatum were nearly in tears once the movie was over. The movie was based on wrestling and wrestling is hard. They were happy as the shooting ended as the worst was over.

The movie revolves around two wrestler brothers who are Olympic gold medalists. Both the actors had seven months of training. The pain and effort all paid off when the movie got nominated for several Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild awards. 

During the training, Tatum says he is sure that he broke his arms several times. He says during the movie he got used to his body getting thrown at different angles. When it was the scene for Mark to slap him, he asked him to slap him and get it over with, which led to him almost breaking his eardrum. But he was fine after just a little bit.

Several acts in the movie are extremely unsettling and the actor’s injuries were numerous. In the scene where he breaks the mirror, he was saved by only several inches as his hand went all the way to the other side of the wall. He says the movie was an intense experience. He and Mark cried after the final scene was shot because they knew now the worst was over. (Source)


9 Shia LaBeouf in American Honey

Shia LaBeouf had twenty stitches after a stunt went wrong where he had to put his head through a window while shooting the movie the American Honey. The media said he had minimal injuries and got back on the set soon for the production. 

Shia LaBeouf
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The actor was badly cut during one of the stunts where Shia LaBeouf had to put his head through a plated glass window. In the Andrea Arnold film, American Honey, the script had a stunt scene, and the actor mistakenly cut the left side of his head and index finger.

He had twenty stitches and several staples. He was sent to the hospital for the injuries on his head and hand and sent home. (Source)


10 Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean

Johnny Depp during the shooting of the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Dead Man’s Chest, suffered a serious injury on his foot during one of the stunts. The nerves were damaged, and it took months to heal. It happened during the scene where he engages in a sword fight while being strapped for safety.

Johnny Depp
Image credits: Walt Disney Pictures

Johnny Depp, who is well known for the famous Pirates of the Caribbean, had a serious foot injury. Not just the actor, but also his stunt double sued the production for negligence. He was in the hospital due to serious injuries. The stunt double was attached to the crane, but the cord wrapped around his waist. 

The actor’s injuries led to having a four-week break when the production thought two weeks would be enough for recovery. He had to undergo hand surgery to recover. What the production thought would make a minimal impact turned out to be a major delay in the schedule. 

The actor was also facing a lawsuit against him filed by his wife during the period. It felt like the end of his career as he was portrayed as a different personality off-screen during the court hearings. The crew was worried this would also make a huge impact on the then-stopped production, and that they wouldn’t be able to continue. (Source)

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