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10 Strangest Things Found in Attics

6. An Ex-boyfriend

The homeowner who lives with her five kids was startled to find out that her ex-boyfriend from 12-years back was staying in her attic for two weeks after getting released from a stint in prison. 

Ex in attic
Mom of five in South Carolina found an old boyfriend who had secretly moved into her attic and was sleeping in a heating duct. Image credit: wcnc via nydailynews

A single mother of five children in Rock Hill never expected reuniting with her ex-boyfriend she dated for a year 12 years ago. Drugs and robbing a flower shop got him a stint in jail and made her move on.

But he wasn’t quite done with that relationship. She found him living in her attic a year after he helped her with installing doors and windows when her house caught fire. 

She was feeling that something was not right with her house as things were constantly becoming misplaced. Finally, she heard a sound upstairs and decided to call for help to go look in the attic.

There, they found a single man sleeping inside the heating unit. She also found out that he was keeping an eye on her through the vent. 

After discovering him, he walked away without giving an explanation before the police arrived. He still remains at large. (Source)


7. A “Mummy” 

Ten-year-old Alex during a visit to his grandma’s found a sarcophagus with a mummy. The house was in Germany, and his granma believed it to be just a souvenir her husband brought back from Egypt in the 1950s. It has been lying undisturbed in their attic for about 40 years. 

Mummy in attic
Image credit: DPA via thelocal

“The “mummy’ he found was complete with hieroglyphic adornments. They took the mysterious find to be examined by experts.

The mummy had a death mask and canopic jar along with it, which is used to store removed organs. The homeowner’s husband traveled to North Africa during the 1950s when “mummy unwrapping parties” were a trend. (Source)

8. An Unknown Metal Device

In California, a new owner came across a bunch of 1960s’ Barbie dolls shoved into the insulation of the floor and a mysterious metal device that moves on touch. One doll had green marks over it, and another one had its hair cut off.

Metal Device In California
The mysterious metal contraction moved as soon as Mr. Williams touched it. Image credit: YouTube via thesun

Cory Williams came across old creepy abandoned toys and a metal device when he noticed an attic window at the top of the house. A metal device was spotted which moved when he approached it but did not move after. 

The place also had a treasure chest with miniature versions of daily objects including Coca-Cola bottles and dusty rabbits. He found the items creepy and informed his wife about his find. The Barbies date back to the 1960s. They were in bad condition. The discovery was quite a surprise for the family as they noticed the window in the attic first but could not easily find the entrance to that area. 

The contents inside the attic also gave off a creepy vibe, but they still explored the place and shared it on social media, and that went viral. (Source)


9. A Picasso Painting

A man living in the U.S state of Maine discovered an original painting by Pablo Picasso stored in his attic. The painting is an original Picasso entitled ‘Le Tricorne’ which was worth $150,000. It belonged to his great aunt who studied art in Europe in the 1920s.

Picasso Discovered in a Closet
Image credits:

This delicate piece of artwork was sold after sitting in a closet for 50 years at the seller’s house. John McInnis Auctioneers confirms that this original painting has been sold to an anonymous buyer. The painting was passed down to the family along with the house the seller’s father inherited.

The 40×40 centimeter painting is believed to have been painted for a ballet of the same name. The painting was planned as the backdrop for the show. This was just a preliminary sketch and the piece of art showed Spaniyards attending a bullfight. (Source)

10. A Dead Body

Out of all the creepy things one can find in an attic, firefighters in Phoenix recovered the body of a child who died two years ago while in foster care from the attic. The authorities found out when they received a call from another child in foster care who was left home alone. 

Image is used for representational purposes only. Image credit: Shutterstock

In Phoenix, AZ, the bones of an adopted 11-year-old daughter were found in the attic. It was confirmed that the body was hidden there for the past two years. The parents were charged with concealment of the body and on multiple other accounts. 

Police officials were called up by the same couple’s foster daughter saying she was alone and hungry. The girl reported that her older sister vanished two years ago.

Firefighters found human bones from the attic. The medical examiner on site confirmed that it was a human child. The documents show that this child was adopted and sent to Mexico. Later they found out the couple was abusive.

Another similar incident happened in 2016 when new homeowners came across a strong odor. They informed the police and they investigated the place wearing gloves and face masks. A woman’s body was found completely wrapped up and decomposing. The investigators sealed off the area with crime-scene tape. (Source)

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