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12 Famous People Who Tragically Died While Performing

7. Simon Barere

“You are a pianistic genius!” said the legendary Sergei Rachmaninoff to Simon Barere who died on stage because of a brain hemorrhage while performing one of his concerts at Carnegie Hall. 

Simon Barere
Simon Barere (Image to the left). Image credits: thepianofiles, Shutterstock

Simon Barere was born in the late 19th Century and was a very talented and widely regarded pianist from Russia. He was performing one of his concerts at the Carnegie Hall when he suffered a devastating brain hemorrhage.

Simon was in great form and posture while playing the first part of the song, but he began bending into the piano in a way that appeared as he was listening closely to the played tunes.

His left hand finally fell, after which his head followed by falling into the piano board, touching the keys. He fell on the floor and rolled over. Medics were rushed to the scene but to no avail as the great pianist died within ten minutes of his fall. (source)


8. Raphael Schumacher

Italian actor Raphael Schumacher died in 2016 while performing a scene that involved him hanging in the courtyard of Pisa. A member from the audience noticed that the rope around Schumacher’s neck was too tight and he might have been choking to death. 

Raphael Schumacher
Raphael Schumacher (Image to the left). Image credits:, Shutterstock

While performing for a theater production in the Courtyard of Pisa’s Teatro Lux, Schumacher was involved in an act that involved him hanging with a rope tied around his neck.

In fact, a lady in the audience was a medical graduate who saw the actor trembling with pain and was choking. Schumacher had his head covered at the time when the spectator spotted him.

He was rushed to the hospital shortly after and was declared medically dead soon after that. It is so surprising that these are not regular people but globally acclaimed experts, and when they die in such tragic accidents, we ask, “How does one even ensure the safety of our own lives?” (source)


9. Sib Hashian

Original Boston Drummer Sib Hashian collapsed on stage while performing on a cruise ship because of a heart attack in 2017. The 67-year-old drummer was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer.  

Sib Hashian
Sib Hashian and Lauren Hashian at the Los Angeles Greek Theatre (Image to the left). Image credits: Wikimedia, Shutterstock

John Thomas “Sib” Hashian, the drummer who played on rock band Boston’s first two bestselling LPs, died at the age of 67. As per reports, Hashian collapsed while performing on the Legends of Rock cruise. Hashian’s son affirmed those subtleties with TMZ.

Surgeons onboard performed CPR and endeavored to revive Hashian with a defibrillator, yet their endeavors were ineffective. Elefante, who had prior shared the information on Hashian’s breakdown and asked fans to keep Hashim in their prayers, later shared an update saying, “Sib didn’t make it. (source)

10. Madavoor Vasudevan

Madavoor Vasudevan, “The Kathakali Maestro,” collapsed on stage and died while performing his last act. The 88-year-old maestro was the recipient of several awards including the Padma Bhushan. 

Madavoor Vasudevan
Image credit: Mullookkaaran via Wikimedia

Fondly renowned as “Madavoor,” the legendary Kathakali performer and teacher, Madavoor Vasudevan was performing at a temple in Kollam that proved to be his last. He was 88 years of age and fell down on stage because of multiple organ failures.

Once he collapsed on the scene, the Kathakali genius was rushed to the hospital. Despite every attempt at saving the life of this legend, Vasudevan passed away. Vasudevan Nair received various prestigious awards throughout his life and was also a recipient of the Padma Bhushan.

He was a very familiar personality among every Kathakali enthusiast and in the nation’s socio-cultural demographics and outside. (source)

11. Tommy Cooper

Ill health caused the life of the famous prop magician and comedian, Tommy Cooper. Cooper died live on television while on a show on the 15th of April, 1984. 

Tommy was performing live on the famous London Weekend Television Show that happened to be the last time the world would see their favorite comedian. In the middle of the performance, Cooper fell and collapsed on the stage, to which the audience and even the host assumed to be a part of the act.

After a short period, the show’s director grew suspicious and immediately launched an unplanned break. Medics were called in to take the unconscious comedian to Westminster Hospital. Several attempts were made to revive Tommy back to life, but all proved failed, and he was declared dead soon after. The show continued with two proceeding acts. (source)

12. Owen Hart

Great WWE entertainer Owen Hart was set to make a passionate entrance from the rafters of the Kemper Arena in Missouri – however, it didn’t turn out the way it was intended to be. Hart was being brought down to the ring when the harness he was tied to broke loose, and he fell 80 feet to death. 

Owen Hart
Image credit: stillrealtous

Owen James Hart was brought into the world on the 7th of May, 1965, in the city of Calgary in Canada. He was the youngest of his twelve siblings, and at the peak of his career was considered one of the most gifted in-ring performers of all time.


Throughout his short-lived career and lifetime, Hart had received numerous awards and had won multiple championships. On the unfortunate 23rd day of May in 1999, Hart died unnecessarily while performing an outrageous entrance at a ticket-based event in Kansas City. 

He was one of the most charming and funny wrestlers in the entire wrestling federation. The subsequent night after the superstar’s death, the complete episode of the Monday Night RAW was dedicated after him.

The lengthy entrance had planned a stunt that would involve the 34-year wrestler lowered down from a height of over 80 feet and releasing him from just a few feet above the ring.  The stunt went wrong, and the harness failed at keeping Hart safe as he fell and came crashing down to the ring. He suffered a fatal internal injury and died a short time later. (source)

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