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10 of the Strangest Unexplained Things from Around the World

6. The Codex Gigas, known to be the largest manuscript from the Medieval Period and is also known as the “Devil’s Bible” owing to the large picture of a devil inside it. It’s a very strange book because even though it has only 310 pages, it contains both the Old and New Testaments and several other important texts.

Codex Gigas
Codex Gigas – the opening with the devil. Image credit: Kungl. Biblioteket/Wikimedia

The Codex Gigas is considered the biggest illuminated manuscript of medieval times. At a length of 36 inches, its mere page count of 310 is still no challenge for the enormous amount of data it contains.

It has several masterpieces of that time within it, including both the Old and New Testament, Antiquities of the Jews by Josephus, The Chronicles of Cosmas of Prague, and many other works ranging from medical guides to literary marvels.

The highlight of this book, however, is no doubt the prized, huge picture of the Devil which was illustrated in great detail. This picture of the Devil is what gives this book its name as the “Devil’s Bible.”

It is said to be created in the Benedictine monastery of Podlažice in Bohemia in the 13th century, which would be in the current- day Czech Republic. It was later taken from this place during Swedish conquests and is currently in the National Library of Sweden in Stockholm. (source)


7. Franklin Story Musgrave, a retired NASA astronaut who had been to space, claimed to have seen a snake-like, unidentified object two times when on his mission. He claimed that it was about eight feet long, and he had a sense of it following his ship as he moved through space. 

Franklin Story Musgrave
Franklin Story Musgrave. Image credit: NASA via images.nasa/ Wikimedia

One of the most celebrated and formally educated astronauts in history, Franklin Story Musgrave, has been very vocal about what he saw on two of his several missions to space. On a TV series called Sightings aired on April 9, 1995, Musgrave claimed to have seen a snake-like creature that was about eight feet long.

He said it appeared to be rubbery as it floated in space beside the craft, hovering around it for a long while. He also claims that there might exist at least single-celled organisms or primitive protein-based creatures out there that we are yet to find out.

Interestingly, several years after his TV appearance, several other pieces of evidence of similar creatures have been recorded, mostly by people flying in planes. This mystery of the snake-like UFO remains unsolved to this day. (1, 2)


8. In 1966, Two men who were said to be planning to contact extraterrestrial life through an apparatus designed by them were found dead on a hill near Rio De Janeiro. Strangely, they were wearing a weird lead mask. A note, found nearby, had instructions about taking some capsules before wearing the masks.

Lead Masks case
Miguel José Viana and Manoel Pereira da Cruz, who died in the ‘Lead mask case’. Image credit: Brazilian Government via Wikimedia

One of the most mysterious unsolved cases of recent times, the Lead Masks case, has been subject to a lot of speculation. The two men were found dead with their faces covered with strange lead masks by a boy flying a kite on the Morro do Vintém (Vintém Hill) in Niterói, a town within Rio de Janeiro.

As police arrived, the bodies were discovered with a note that contained instructions about taking some capsules at specified intervals and also mentioned that the lead masks were to be worn after the capsules.

Strangely, their bodies were totally unharmed, suggesting no possible struggle. Several people who knew them claimed that they were “scientific spiritualists” who were on a mission to summon extraterrestrial beings to Earth. This case was never solved. (source)

9. Harry Brower Sr. was an Alaskan man who is said to have had a gift of communicating with whales. An incident with a baby whale which “spiritually” carried him across 1,000 kilometers, only to witness the baby whale’s mother being hunted, eventually helped change the laws for hunting female whales with offspring.

Harry Brower Sr
Harry Brower Sr, was one of the senior whale captains. Image credit: Naval Arctic Research Laboratory/north-slope

Harry Brower Sr., an elderly man who was lying on his hospital bed in Anchorage, Alaska, is said to have had a strange experience of being taken away across the sea by a baby whale. It is said to have taken him 1,000 kilometers north to Barrow, now Utqiaġvik, to the place where his family stayed.

There, he “saw” a group of Iñupiat hunters kill the mother of the baby whale. As he suddenly woke up from this trance-like state, he claimed knowledge of this incident, which in all accounts turned out to be true. He accurately knew which man killed the whale and whose meat cellar contained the dead whale.

Supernatural in its own right, this realization eventually led to a dialogue about whales and the creation of laws that banned the hunting of female whales with newly grown offspring. Scientists have been trying to figure out how he might have communicated with whales, as do many others from these regions. (source)


10. The Crooked Forest is a very interesting anomaly in a village called Nowe Czarnowo in the Gryfino Region of West Pomerania, Poland. A grove of pine trees with unexplained crooked trunks, this place has been subject to the wildest theories from aliens to gravitational anomalies. It is now a very popular tourist spot in that region.

Crooked Forest
Pine trees in the crooked forest. Image credit: Rzuwig/Wikimedia

These pine trees were planted in the year 1930 and are located amidst a forest consisting of normal pine trees. Each pine tree in this “strange lot” bends sharply towards the north, right from the base, and then eventually, after forming a curve, straightens up facing the sky like a normal tree.

A result is a group of about 400 pine trees looking like inverted question marks.

With several theories to account for this strange forest, the most reliable one yet is that some rare technique or instrument was used to alter their natural growth process, as there was a need for timber specifically shaped in that manner to make boats and furniture.

However, other conspiracy theories point to aliens and other strange possibilities like gravity defects. (source)

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