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10 Extraordinary Medical Cases that Surprised Even the Doctors

6. Due to reproductive health issues, Ashley Gardner failed to get pregnant for eight years. Finally, she went for an IVF treatment and became a mother of quadruplets. The odds of having quadruplets are seventy million to one.

Ashley and Tyson Gardner
Ashley and Tyson Gardner with babies. Image credits: A Miracle Unfolding-Gardner Quadruplets/Facebook

Ashley and Tyson Gardner in Utah struggled for eight years to conceive a baby. They decided to undergo in vitro fertilization, a treatment for infertility problems. It is a sequence of procedures that involves fertilization of an egg outside a woman’s body in a specialized lab.

Finally, Ashley became pregnant. Both the parents were exhilarated to discover that they were going to have quadruplets. This is a rare phenomenon. Only one out of 70 million pregnant women deliver quadruplets.

In October 2014, they met a specialist in California, and he informed them that one set of identical twins had “twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome” (TTTS), a condition that caused an unequal flow of blood between the twins. Soon, Ashley was rushed to a hospital, and she delivered the babies. Four female babies were born and named as Indie, Esme, Scarlett, and Evangeline. (1, 2)

7. A man complained about mild pain in his left leg. The doctor was flabbergasted when he found out that ninety percent of the man’s brain was filled with fluid. This condition, called “hydrocephalus,” happened over a course of 30 years.

Man’s brain was filled with fluid
Brain of a white-collar worker. Image credits:

A report was published in The Lancet Journal in 2007. A French man visited a doctor and complained about mild pain in his left leg. The man was forty-four-year-old at that time. Doctors scanned his brain and were completely shocked to find out that ninety percent of his brand was filled with cerebrospinal fluid.

There was only a thin outer layer of brain tissue. Interestingly, this condition, called “hydrocephalus,” started when he was six months old and became severe over the course of thirty years. Even though he had an IQ below an average man, fortunately, the excessive amount of fluid did not hamper his daily lifestyle.

He was diagnosed early. The doctors performed surgery to insert a shunt and removed all the fluid. Fourteen years later, the shunt was removed, and the man became completely healthy. (1, 2)


8. A man visited an ophthalmologist for a regular eye check-up. A few months back, he was diagnosed with a high-pressure eye. The doctor tested the eye by shining light on the man’s iris. He was startled to see the man’s iris glowing brightly. This happened due to some parts of the iris being missing, thus allowing light to pass through the eye.

Iris Transillumination Defects
Iris Transillumination Defects. Image credits:

According to The New England Journal of Medicine, after moving to a new city, a forty-four-year-old man had a regular eye check-up appointment with a doctor. He visited the doctor and informed him that he was recently diagnosed with a high-pressure eye and was taking the treatment. Apart from that, his family had a history of glaucoma, a condition that can damage the optic nerve and potentially cause blindness.

Subsequently, the doctor tested his eyes. He shined some light in them and was flabbergasted to see his eyes glowing. According to the report, the light “revealed circumferential spoke-like iris transillumination defects in both eyes.” This effect was caused due to a defect in the pigment of his iris. This rare condition is known as “pigment dispersion syndrome.” The report did not reveal the patient’s identity. The man continued to take medication to maintain normal eye pressure. (1, 2)

9. Eighteen female students from a school in New York experienced mysterious symptoms like twitching, stuttering, and verbal outbursts with no apparent reason. Later, their doctor revealed that they all had “conversion disorder.” In this condition, psychological issues like stress and anxiety are experienced physically.

In New York in 2012, eighteen teenagers, studying in the same high school suddenly started experiencing strange symptoms like twitching, stuttering, and verbal outburst. There was no obvious explanation. These symptoms were uncontrollable. The school was tested for the presence of a toxic substance. However, nothing was found.

Finally, one of the doctors treating them diagnosed their condition as “conversion disorder.” This is a type of somatoform disorder. According to Dr. Jennifer McVige, a pediatric neurologist, “Conversion disorder is a physical manifestation of physiological symptoms where there is traditionally some kind of stress or multiple stressors that provoke a physical reaction within the body. This is unconscious. It is not done purposefully.” Now, all the girls have recovered. (1, 2, 3)


10. A pregnant girl with a Mullerian agenesis defect shocked the doctors. Due to this defect, she had no vagina. Nine months back, she performed fellatio on her boyfriend. Just moments later, her former partner stabbed her in the stomach with a knife. This helped the sperm to travel from her stomach to her vaginal tract.

girl with “Mullerian agenesis” defect got pregnant
Girl with “Mullerian agenesis” defect got pregnant.

A female teenager in Lesotho visited doctors in 1998. She had multiple symptoms of labor pain. So, doctors conducted tests and were completely startled to discover that the girl was pregnant. Of course, a fifteen-year-old girl getting pregnant is a concern.

However, the bigger concern was that the girl had a Mullerian agenesis birth defect. Inspection of the vulva showed no vagina, only a shallow skin dimple. Even the girl was shocked to hear the news. This report was published in The British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Nine months ago, she practiced fellatio with her new partner. A few moments later, her former boyfriend caught her red-handed. To take revenge, he stabbed her stomach with a knife. Doctors found that after being stabbed, her stomach opened up to her abdominal cavity.

It is almost impossible for a sperm to stay alive in an acid environment, so this case was truly exceptional. The sperm passed through her stomach and came in contact with an egg in her ovaries. According to the authors of the report, due to her defect, doctors delivered a healthy baby boy via a cesarean section. (source)


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