10 Weird License Plates along with their Backstories

by Prashant Gupta3 years ago

6 A woman from New Hampshire got a registration for a license plate reading “PB4WEGO.” She wanted to remind her children to pee before leaving the house every single time.

The car with a license plate reading “PB4WEGO. Image credits: Wendy Auger via Today.com

Wendy Auger, a mom from New Hampshire, had to remind her four kids to pee every time they were ready to leave home. To get them into the habit, she got the “pee before we go” mantra registered as her license plate. Wendy has been using the “PB4WEGO” license plate for the last 15 years. People have laughed, smirked, and even appreciated the weird license plate. However, in August of 2019, Wendy received a letter from the New Hampshire DMV.

The letter mentioned that the registration of the license plate has been revoked as it refers to “sexual or excretory acts or functions.” Wendy appealed against the order.  After the intervention from the governor, she has now been allowed to retain her license plate. (source)

7 An atheist man in Ohio owns a personalized license plate that reads “IM GOD.”

License plate that reads "IM GOD
License plate that reads “IM GOD. Image credits: Image credits: Bennie Hart via BBC

Bennie Hart of Ohio is an atheist. He has been roaming around Ohio in his with a custom license plate reading “IM GOD” for over a decade. It was just a simple way to let people know about his beliefs. After moving from Ohio to a town in Kentucky, Bennie sought permission from the local transportation office to carry on with his custom license plate. His request was turned down as the department believed that it might cause problems for other drivers or may even lead to a confrontation. Hart went to court against the order.

The court ruled in his favor and ordered the Transportation Cabinet to pay over $150,000 that he incurred in attorney fees and litigation costs. (source)

8 One of President Trump’s tweets from May 2017 introduced the world to something called “Covfefe.” This bizarre “word” caught the attention of drivers from more than 21 states unleashing a flurry of weird license plates. 

Donald trump tweet
Donald Trump “Covfefe” tweet

In the long list of misspelled and confusing words, “COVFEFE” was tweeted by President Trump in May 2017. As always, it sparked an unending chain of memes and jokes that took over the Internet. This time though, drivers from at least 21 different states decided to take it a notch further. Within hours of the tweet, a few drivers from the states of Nebraska and Indiana rushed to get the “word” registered for their vehicles’ custom license plates.

Covfefe Weird License Plates
Covfefe number plates. Image credits: u/mattchew1738 via Reddit

Since then, their number has only grown. These enthusiastic drivers are posting pictures of their weird license plates on social media. A few have even come with their own spelling of the “word” to take a jibe. (source)


9 Chris Bontrager, a man from Goshen, Indiana, has a personalized license plate reading “ATHE1ST”.

'ATHE1ST' license plate
‘ATHE1ST’ license plate. Image credits: Chris Bontrager/Facebook

Chris Bontrager, a man from Goshen, Indiana, was denied permission to get a custom plate registration reading “ATHE1ST” by the Indiana Burea of Motor Vehicles (BMV). The authority sent a letter stating that the license plates are denied if they are deemed improper, offensive, or misleading. Bontrager, who had already paid for the registration, sought help from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

The ACLU appealed to the court against the BMV’s order citing that the decision seems religiously motivated, and the state cannot show preference to one religion over another. This prompted the BMV to retract the order and allow Chris his license plate. Bontrager now proudly drives around with his personalized license plate. (source)


10 A photo of a license plate “X32 22A” captured a lot of attention on the Internet after people realized what it read when looked in a mirror. 

Australian Number Plate X32 22A
Australian Number Plate X32 22A. Image credits: U/Hoger via Reddit

If there ever would be a competition for creative but weird license plates, this next one in our list will certainly take the prize. “X32 22A” a customized license plate from Western Australia. At first glance, you will not find anything beyond ordinary. The perspective changes, though when you read it through a mirror or read it backward to realize the hidden meaning of this weird license plate.

A photo of this amusing license plate taken in the rear-view mirror started doing rounds on Reddit. It has garnered more than 23,000 points and a thread of comments that are full of puns and jokes. The licensing authorities of Western Australia heavily regulate the registration process to prevent such incidents. Though, it seems the owner of this license plate managed to circumvent the rules with his creativity. (source)

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