10 A**hole Facts That Will Ruin the Fun For Everyone – Part 2

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6 Finding only dead bodies had caused the search and rescue dogs on 9/11 to literally get depressed. 

9/11 Search and Rescue Dogs
Image Source: etonline

The 9/11 rescue dogs were brought in from all parts of the United States and worked twelve-hour shifts to find people. Over 300 of them suffered from depression while performing search and rescue tasks in the ruins of the World Trade Center because all they could find were dead bodies and body parts. So, their handlers started taking turns to bury themselves in the rubble so that the dogs could actually “rescue” someone. Several of the cadaver dogs, which included German shepherds and Labradors, were sent beneath the debris that was declared safe, but many of them suffered cuts, eye irritation, and sickness because of the conditions.(source)

7 Earwigs can fly.

Image Source: flickr

Over 1,800 species of earwigs exist and they are equipped with wings. However, many of those species cannot really fly and those that do fly can only do so briefly. Typically, female earwigs rarely fly but males do. Their forewings are small, dark-colored and leathery, hence their scientific name Dermaptera, which literally means “skin wings”. These are not useful during flight. But their larger, transparent hind-wings are the ones used during flight and are protected by the forewings from damage.(source)


8 Dogs love squeaky toys because of their natural hunting instincts that recognize the squeaks as the last cries of their prey. 

Dogs and Squeaky Toys
Image Source: peritoanimal

There are actually two theories for why dogs love squeaky toys. One is that, being the descendants of wolves, the squeaks coming from the toys wakes up their natural hunting instincts. As the squeaks are more or less an imitation of the sounds made by injured or scared prey, the dog’s instincts react to the sounds. Another theory is that the love for the toys is just a cause and effect. When the dog bites the toy and it makes a sound, the dog feels rewarded and so would want to bite the toy again.(source)

9 In the movie xXx, the scene in which Vin Diesel’s character slides down a parachute to a boat from under a bridge shows the stuntman about to die. While sliding down the line, he did not make it under the bridge and slammed into it at full speed. 

Vin Diesel’s stunt double, Harry L. O’Connor, was supposed to slide down a line onto a submarine at high speed, but he couldn’t slide fast enough and hit the bridge at that speed losing his life instantly. His death was caught on camera and the footage was used in the movie by the director Rob Cohen to honor him and his last stunt. The final moments were edited out.(source)


10 Brazilian serial killer, Pedro Rodrigues Filho, with over 70 victims, received a sentence of 128 years in prison but was set free after 34 years because the Brazilian law system prohibits imprisonment of anyone for more than 30 years.

Pedro Rodrigues Filho
Image Source: noticias, topito

At the age of 14, Filho murdered the vice-mayor of Alfenas, Minas Gerais, because he fired his father who was working as a school guard for stealing school food. Then he also murdered another guard, supposedly the real thief. Before he was eighteen, he killed ten people. Others, he tortured to obtain information about the gangsters who killed his girlfriend Maria Aparecida Olympia. After that, he executed his father at a local prison for butchering his mother with a machete. He then cut a piece of his father’s heart out, chewed it, and threw it away for revenge. After his first arrest on May 24, 1973, he killed four inmates while in prison. Though he claims a total of one-hundred victims, his confirmed victims are a mere seventy-one. In 2003, he was sentenced to 128 years in prison, and later to 400 years because of the crimes he committed while in prison. He was released after thirty-four years on April 24, 2007.(source)

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